Our Soil, Our Strength


It may be easy to believe that growers are focused only on yield, but they’re also working to improve soil health and protect water quality. Nancy Kavazanjian, a member of the Global Farmer Network and Charles Hammer have been farming in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for over 40 years. They have recently implemented a test project aimed at keeping local streams, wetlands, and lakes clean. This video is from RFDTV.

Hear more from Kavazanjian at the Global Farmer Network’s free webinar on June 10, 2021 at 9:00 am CDT/3:00 pm GMT: Climate Smart Agriculture: How farmers are leading the way. Click to register at globalfarmernetwork.live

Nancy will be joined by GFN members Jose Luis Gonzalez Chacon, Colombia and Gabriela Cruz, Portugal for a conversation; Hear our farmers sharing the climate smart ways they are farming. This webinar is presented by the Global Farmer Network in collaboration with Cargill.

Nancy Kavazanjian

Nancy Kavazanjian

Nancy Kavazanjian is a Wisconsin farmer who helps manage day-to-day business matters for a 2000-acre (800 hectare) family row crop farm and country elevator where the emphasis is on preserving soil and managing resources in a sustainable manner. Kavazanjian grew up in suburban New York. Today she farms in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin with her husband Charles Hammer. Together they have two grown children and four grandchildren and are involved in local watershed and land-use planning initiatives in their area.

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