Who We Are

Established in 2000, the Global Farmer Network® amplifies the farmers’ voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable farming, economic growth, and food security. The Global Farmer Network (GFN®) identifies, engages and supports strong farmer leaders from around the world who can work with others to innovate, encourage and lead as full stakeholders in the work that is being done to fill the world’s food and nutrition security gap in a sustainable manner.

Unique in its make-up and global approach to food security and poverty reduction, the GFN serves as a communication platform engaging the farmers voice in support of trade and the importance of access to agriculture innovation and technology for all farmers through an active website, farmer-authored editorials placed nationally and internationally, a rapidly growing social and digital media presence and speaking opportunities for the farmers at important meetings and conferences around the world.

In the social media / social concern world that we live in, the credibility of the messenger has become as important as the message itself. The vision, perspective and voices of the GFN are authentic, powerful and offer great credibility as they make the case for trade, access to innovation, education for farmers regarding progressive agronomic practices, the power of collaboration and the imperative of farmer advocacy – all backed up by their personal experience as they continue to deal with the challenges of growing more food to feed a growing population in a changing climate, getting food and feed where it is needed, fight poverty and strengthen communities.

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Mission Statement

The Global Farmer Network amplifies the farmers’ voice in promoting trade, technology, sustainable farming, economic growth, and food security.

Annual Report

Members of the Global Farmer Network, and of Truth About Trade & Technology (TATT) as the organization was known before its reorganization in 2016, have been interviewed or quoted in numerous media sources and participated as speakers or panelist at many events. The annual report for each year has been an effort to catalogue some of that activity to help demonstrate the impact voices of farmers can have with the public.