Brazil-Kidnapping Carbon


Andre Dobashi is a farmer from Brazil and a member of the Global Farmer Network. In this video, he shows us how carbon is sequestered on his farm, or, as he explains it to his kids, how he kidnaps carbon. Once sequestered, carbon helps him grow food.

Andre Figueiredo Dobashi

Andre Figueiredo Dobashi

Andre grows 3,000 hectares of no-till GM soybeans and GM-hybrid corn along the border of Brazil and Paraguay. He also raises cattle in the same area during the winter season, reducing the meat carbon footprint.
He has improved the first Low Carbon Agriculture Project on his farm, working with a public bank fund and a multi-national input company provider’s support to implement and share his best practices with other producers. Best management practices and environmental responsibility are his guidance when making production decisions.
Andre is an ag leader in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul. He is president of the State Soybean Growers Association. In addition to farming, he also consults with other producers on precision agriculture and integrated production systems.
Andre recently took part in advocacy efforts to amplify internet connectivity in rural areas.

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