Argentine farmers resume strikes


BBC News
August 28, 2009

Argentine farmers have resumed strikes as part of a bitter dispute over taxes on soya bean exports.

The farmers are angry over President Cristina Fernandez’s refusal to lower the 35% tax.

They have been on strike several times in the past year over the tax, saying government aid has been spent on cities at the expense of the countryside.

The government argues that the farmers make huge profits from soy and the tax helps the wealth be distributed fairly.

‘Battle cry’

The farmers said the strike, where they would refuse to sell livestock and grain for eight days, is "more" than a protest.

"It’s a battle cry to defend rural life," said Eduardo Buzzi, president of the Argentine Agrarian Federation, one of four farming associations that has led anti-government protests.

"We’re willing to do what’s necessary to get agricultural policy changed," he added.

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