Williams Advocates for Farmer Security Priority


In light of the pressing issue of food availability, Global Farmer Network member Rotimi Williams, Nigeria, discusses the urgent need for implementing national emergency measures related to food by the government. Increasing security is the first need which needs to be met; Many farmers have been forced to abandon their farms as ag-producing areas face frequent incidents of violence, making security concerns the top priority at present. His interview: Food Security: Why FG Should Focus On Rural Areas – produced by Hard Copy.

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Rotimi Williams

Rotimi Williams

Former journalist. His farm is the 2nd largest commercial rice farm in Nigeria by land size; 45,000 hectares; grows rice for millers. He was challenged with instilling peaceful coexistence between his workers and a largely permanent Fulani community. This led to the creation of a tech startup designed to bridge the gap between volatile agricultural communities in rural Nigeria and security agencies.

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