War isn’t stopping farming in Ukraine; stolen ag equipment stopping for Russians


Kees Huizinga is a farmer in Ukraine and a member of the Global Farmer Network. He knows that this will be a year like no other. Just to survive, he’ll have to show more resilience than ever before. “I could complain about all this—and in truth, I’m upset that an unjust war is forcing us to make these compromises. We have enough supplies to get started planting. We’ll need more later, and I’m hoping that we can get them.” The war isn’t stopping him.

This article from CNN, tells how Ukraine invaders were stopped after driving $5M stolen harvesters and other ag equipment more than 700 miles to Chechnya only to find that the machinery, equipped with GPS, meant that its travel could be tracked and now they can not even turn the machinery on, because it was locked remotely.

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