Viewpoint: Why We Can Feed 10 Billion People – and Beyond


This week’s Farmers Views post is a recent blog written by Global Farmer Network member Jake Leguee in Canada.  He shares his optimism for the future and what agriculture can achieve in a piece he posted on the website for his family farm in Southern Saskatchewan, A Year In The Life of a Farmer.


Why We Can Feed 10 Billion People – and Beyond

April 17, 2019

Too many people. Billions of us – 7.7 billion, as of April, 2019 – many of us clustered in massive metropolises, all teeming masses of concrete and steel. By 2050, there will be somewhere between nine and ten billion human beings living on this planet, and by 2100, more than 11 billion (source). How can we possibly feed everyone? 795 million people are currently undernourished, with the vast majority in developing nations. Are the doomsdayers right? Are we headed for armageddon? The answer to this comes from our past – the countless times we were told we were near destruction, only to persevere, find our way through, and emerge all the wealthier. We will do it again – but only if we are allowed to…

See more at A Year In The Life of a Farmer.

Jake Leguee

Jake Leguee

Jake and his family farm GMO canola, wheat, durum, peas, GMO soybeans, flax and lentils. One of the first farms in the area to grow soybeans in 2010. Now considering corn. No-tilling for 20+ years.

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