Video: The Tipping Point of Prosperity


Recently, Global Farmer Network board member and 2013 Kleckner Award recipient V. Ravichandran who farms in India took part in a converstion with Kiru Pillay, Plant Breeding Lead Crop Science Division of Bayer.  Their back and forth discussion shared in a five-minute video is one that you’ll find fascinating.

Published on May 15, 2019

When communities cultivate enough to eat, share and sell, they prosper. Biotech and hybrid seeds can improve the lives of smallholder farmers and help them make the most of every acre.

V. Ravichandran

V. Ravichandran

On a sixty acre farm, Ravi grows Rice, Sugarcane, Cotton and pulses. To utilize water judiciously during summer months, he uses sprinklers and drip system. Has added mechanization to address labor shortage; 12 employees. Kleckner Award winner - 2013.

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