Video: “Smart Farming with Jake Freestone”


Global Farmer Network member Jake Freestone from the United Kingdom is no stranger to doing videos.  Check out his harvest videos at his No1FarmerJake channel on YouTube.  However, also just happened across this recent brief three-minute interview of him which nicely packages his thoughts on ‘smart-farming’ technology prior to an event he took part in over in the UK:

Published on Apr 3, 2019

Jake Freestone of Overbury Enterprises (…) talks about using smart farming technology on the estate and what attendees at our Smart Farming seminar could expect to get out of the day…
Jake Freestone

Jake Freestone

Jake Freestone is the farm manager at Overbury Farms, located in the West Midlands, United Kingdom, where they grow bread-making wheat, rapeseed oil, malting barley, peas, linseed and soya along with 1,200 ewes.

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