Video: Climate Change and Agriculture in Zimbabwe


The video is in English with French subtitles, while the print is translated from the original French as it appears at the AFDI (Agriculteurs Franais et Dveloppement International) website on July 10, 2019 and the YouTube post of this video on July 9. Ruramiso Mashumba from Zimbabwe is a member of the Global Farmer Network and participated at the International Young Farmers’ Summit (SIJA) in April 2019 in Paris, France.

SIJA 2019: Climate Change and Agriculture in Zimbabwe

“On the occasion of the International Young Farmers’ Summit (SIJA) in April 2019 in Paris, Ruramiso Mashumba, President of the Youth Section of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union, talks about the effects of climate change. It evokes the rarity of the rains and the disturbances which accompany it. Farmers must both adapt and reduce their CO2 emissions. It goes through training and awareness.”

More informaton about the event and additional videos can be seen here: Installation, climate impact: video testimonials from young farmers in Africa, Europe and North America at 2018 SIJA

Ruramiso Mashumba

Ruramiso Mashumba

Ruramiso Mashumba is serving the GFN as Regional Lead: Africa. Ruramiso is a young female farmer from Marondera, Zimbabwe and founder of Mnandi Africa, an organization that helps rural woman combat poverty and malnutrition. She is currently studying for an MBA in sustainable food and agriculture. The trailblazing farmer holds several accolades and achievements to her name that is testimony to the outstanding work she is doing in the Zimbabwean agricultural sector. Ruramiso has been recognized as the 2020 GFN Kleckner Award recipient.

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