Video: Brazilian GFN member featured in ‘Top Farmers’ series


Eduardo Sekita, member of the Global Farmer Network, was one of a group of recently profiled in a web video series “Top Farmers” by Plant Project and Canal Rural in his home country of Brazil.

The episode featuring Sekita and others (in Portuguese) are extremely well-done (despite language challenges for many), and can be seen at YouTube (below) or at their website:


Canal Rural [translated, Rural Channel]

Published on May 6, 2019

[Translated] Check out the fourth episode of the Top Farmers web series, featuring real characters who are building the future of Brazilian agriculture.
Eduardo Sekita de Oliveira

Eduardo Sekita de Oliveira

Agronomist, 3,200 hectare farm with 2,600 hectares under pivot irrigation – biotech corn and soybeans, garlic, carrots, 1100 cows. 650 employees, 350 fixed and 300 seasonal to harvest garlic.

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