Bissoni Participates in Carbon Program


GFN member Vicente Bissoni guides us through the Botuverá Group’s evolution. Based in Mato Grosso, Brazil, what was once solely a transportation company has now emerged as a trailblazer in regenerative farming. By ingeniously integrating cattle and crop rotations, they’ve breathed new life into depleted pastures, leading to enhanced soy and corn production. Tune in to this episode of the Carbon Catch-Up podcast produced by Rabo Carbon Bank, as Vicente walks us through this incredible journey.

Bissoni is the first farmer that participates in the Trees for Farmers program, which is one of the programs offered by the Rabo Carbon Bank.

Vicente Bissoni Neto

Vicente Bissoni Neto

Produces soybeans and corn, runs a cattle livestock operation and sells diesel, has trucking business.

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