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Tim Durham is a 5th generation farmer on Long Island, New York. He and his family grow leafy greens, root crops, and herbs close to New York City. Tim is a member of the Global Farmer Network, and in this video, he shows us his farm while talking about some of the business strategies.

Tim Durham

Tim Durham

Tim is a 5th generation farmer, educator, and agvocate. His family operates Deer Run Farm – a 30 acre
“truck” farm on Long Island, New York – where they grow leafy greens, root crops, and herbs. Though conventional, the farm fashions itself biointensive, using Integrated Pest Management, naturally-derived biorationals, and organic amendments. Fractional monoculture is also a focus: small-scale, intensive cropping punctuated by rotations and cover crops. As a result, Deer Run Farm was hailed as a “national model” by the New York State Agricultural Environmental Management program for its stewardship. As one of a handful of farms outside of New York City, it faces unique challenges, especially those associated with urban-edge agriculture.
In 2005, he enrolled in the University of Florida’s Plant Medicine Program – an interdisciplinary “plant doctor” degree that parallels an M.D. or D.V.M. In the offseason, he’s an Associate Professor of Crop Science at Ferrum College, VA.

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