Trending Topics GFN Farmers are Talking About


Farming is different everywhere. Farmers understand the intrinsic value of sharing information and exporting knowledge. Do you need to know what’s happening in the real world of farming? Each day we are listening to what GFN members are talking about. Believing in the power of sharing trends, this list includes topics that have recently been top-of-mind:

  • Nitrogen use, management and penalizations –  Argentina, Denmark, Germany, India, Uruguay
  • Canola production – Canada
  • Lime/lemon production – Colombia, Mali
  • Challenges of harvesting after heavy rains following dryer months – Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands
  • Sugar beet production in Romania – Ireland
  • Rugby and farming – United Kingdom
  • Instability – South Africa
  • Block of ports and impact on Ukrainian farmers in the short term; on the world in med-long term – Ukraine, All
  • Resilience in agriculture – Uruguay

Unlocking farmer insights and understanding local experiences in fields and seeing what is happening globally is powerful. Farmers’ voices are important insight!  If you’d like to learn more about what is top-of-mind to our farmers contact Mary Boote, GFN CEO, [email protected].

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