Thomas Leads Program On Seed Production, Marketing

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Stella Thomas, a member of the Global Farmer Network, is at the forefront of a transformative initiative in Nigerian agriculture. As a lead for the program, she is driving the efforts of CORAF (the West and Central Africa Council for Agricultural Research and Development). The initiative centers on training 30 young individuals and women aiming to boost agricultural productivity and market competitiveness in the region. The objective is to unite women and youth, identify opportunities within the seed sector, and drive the seed sector’s growth in Nigeria.

Thomas is also CEO of Tecni Seed, where she grows maize, rice, sorghum and vegetable seeds.

Featured image photo by Annie Spratt; CORAF Trains Youth, Women On Seed Production, Processing, Marketing article by: Nkechi Isaac

Stella Thomas

Stella Thomas

Stella Thomas is a farmer who has also established the first female owned seed company in Nigeria called Tecni Seed. She is the CEO of Tecni Seed, one of the foremost seed companies in Nigeria where she grows maize, rice, sorghum and vegetable seeds. Stella grows seed on her farm and also outsources the growing of seed on other farms. She works with over 3,000 farmers cultivating over 6,000 hectares annually.

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