The environmentally friendly farmer and the attack on modern agriculture


Saskatchewan farmer, Global Farmer Network member, and blogger Jake Leguee delivered the keynote “The environmentally friendly farmer and the attack on modern agriculture” at  Ag-West Bio, Saskatchewan’s bioscience industry association annual meeting held June 23, 2022.

In his blog, A Year in the Life of a Farmer, Leguee shares his views on “the challenges we face as a society, with the perspective of someone who makes his living from Mother Nature, and world markets dominated by economics, politics, and human emotion.” He also writes about the frustration of hearing non-farmers discussing topics like regenerative agriculture, soil health, and farming practices to reduce carbon emissions, and trying to impose their views on how to ‘switch’ to better practices, reduce pesticide use, and grow more ‘sustainable’ crops.

Following his keynote, Leguee was part of a panel discussion. On the panel, Leguee was joined by Alanna Koch, who is also a Global Farmer Network member from Saskatchewan.

Jake Leguee

Jake Leguee

Jake and his family farm GMO canola, wheat, durum, peas, GMO soybeans, flax and lentils. One of the first farms in the area to grow soybeans in 2010. Now considering corn. No-tilling for 20+ years.

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