South Korea and US closer to trade agreement


Australian News.Net
April 24, 2009

South Korea and the United States have almost come to an agreement in a trade liberalisation deal.

While some South Korean legislators have vehemently objected to proposed measures, the deal with the US has been approved at a meeting of the National Assembly in Seoul.

Some parliamentary opponents of the major free-trade deal became physical in a committee stage of the bill, but were unable to have it stopped before reaching the Assembly.

Members of a far-left minority party surrounded the trade committee chairman and tried to physically block a vote to advance the trade deal to a full ratification vote.

Even though the South Korea/US trade union will make it easier to buy and sell each others’ products, the deal has been extremely controversial in South Korea, with opponents suggesting the deal with make it easy for the US economy to overwhelm the South Korean agriculture sector.

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