Seeds of Stability


AD Alvarez, Global Farmer Network member from the Philippines is a pioneer, introducing Bt corn on the island. This type of of genetically modified corn is higher-performing and more resistant to pests.

“There’s a saying in the Philippines: When your blanket is too short, learn to bend your legs.” -AD Alvarez

In the Philippines, corn farmers with small landholdings traditionally see a harvest of about 600 kilograms per hectare. Alvarez’s first harvest using Bt corn was about 14 times that. Learn more in Where Does Food Go From Here? posted by Bayer.

Adriel Dave 'AD' Alvarez

Adriel Dave 'AD' Alvarez

Farms in a group of small islands called Camotes Islands in Cebu, Philippines. The farm is 8 hectares and they rent 25-35 hectares for corn production. The mission of the farm is connected to community development and the idea of using farming as a tool to help other farmers improve their techniques to get them out of poverty.

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