Science-based transitions important for agri-food system


GFN member Guillermo Breton recently spoke to Mexico’s Senate about the use of pesticides and fertilizers. He made the case for the importance of science-based approaches for transitioning to different production practices that would create a more sustainable and resilient agri-food system. Hear Guillermo’s introduction in this short video.

Guillermo Breton

Guillermo Breton

Guillermo is a fifth generation farmer in Tlaxcala, which is in the center of Mexico. He is an agronomist and produces maize, triticale, sunflower, and vetch and rye grass forages. He is also now in the barley business in the seed program with Heineken.
Guillermo is focused on soil conservation since Tlaxcala has the lowest organic matter percentage in the country. He promotes conservation agriculture principles of crop rotation and residue management.
On the livestock side, he has 100 Angus and braunvieh cattle on 200 hectares. The challenges Guillermo is currently facing include climate, the hard winter, the cost of fertilizers and an unsupportive government.
He is currently promoting projects with a carbon capture perspective and also innovation for small farmer systems. Guillermo leads Fundación Produce activities and projects with farmers in his state. He’s an innovator on his own farm and then shares the technologies with groups of farmers.

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