Rough patch for TTIP, Trump sides with farmers on California water woes – news of the week (May 30)



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GM crops: global socio-economic and environmental impacts 1996-2014

PG Economics Ltd,?a specialist provider of advisory and consultancy services to agriculture and other natural resource-based industries based in the UK, has released its latest study. ?The press release dated May 31, highlights of the comprehensive review, and full report can be found here:



EU and US trade sharp words on TTIP – Politico EU – By Ryan Heath (May 31)

“In testy exchange of emails, Commission warns US: Compromise or no deal in 2016.”


Malmstr?m: No agreement this year ?doesn?t mean death of TTIP? – Politico EU – By Hans von der Burchard (May 31)

“Trade commissioner says length of potential delay ?impossible to say.?”


China displaces America as world?s most attractive food export market?- Food Navigator Asia -?By RJ Whitehead (May 30)

“China is now the most attractive export market for food and beverage companies, according to an analysis by Deloitte and a Spanish business school that assesses destinations with the best business and export opportunities.”

Russia to extend EU embargo until late 2017?- Food Navigator -?By Niamh Michail?(May 31)

“Russia?s embargo of EU food products will be extended until the end of 2017 but the list of banned foods or countries affected will not change, according to a draft government decree.”

Brexit ‘huge blow’ warns ex-World Trade Organisation boss – BBC News – By Harry Kretchmer (May 30)


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EU, Mexico to begin talks in June to update free trade pact – Fox News Latino / EFE (May 30)


India in a tight spot at RCEP trade talks – Livemint – By Asit Ranjan Mishra (May 27)

“Govt may come under pressure to raise tariff liberalization plan in next round of talks in Auckland next month”


Frustrated Juncker urges EU leaders to back TTIP trade talks – Reuters (May 30)


Geopolitics moves to center stage of Obama trade deal push – The Hill – By Vicki Needham (May 30)


Russia-led economic bloc seeks trade deal with China – Reuters (May 31)


Thais ‘ready to join TPP’ – Bangkok Post (June 1)

“Good outweighs the bad, says Somkid “


US trade chief to skeptical France: US-EU deal not a threat – Associated Press (June 1)


Trans-Pacific Partnership Supporters Pin Hopes on Lame-Duck Vote – New York Times – By Jackie Calmes (June 1)


Growing European anti-trade movement threatens Canada-EU deal – The Globe and Mail (Canada) – By Paul Waldie (June 1)


The Food Babe Is A Bully And Cotton Incorporated Isn’t Going To Take It – – By Kavin Senapathy (May 27)

“The company?s response to Food Babe?s blog post attacking cotton as the ?world?s dirtiest crop? and cottonseed oil as a food additive was a refreshing change from food industry pandering.”


Will microbes save agriculture? – Los Angeles Times – By Geoffrey Mohan (May 28)


Science takes a back seat to fear-mongering about GMOs – Delta Farm Press – By?Hembree Brandon in Farm Press Blog?(May 31)


Potato farmers in Uganda demand local leaders to pass biotech and biosafety bill – Crop Biotech Update, ISAAA (May 25)


MPs oppose an EU Parliament proposed draft Bill on GM crops -?The Star (Kenya) – By Agatha Ngotho (May 28)

“”This is very mischievous and it looks like it is intended to make Africa remain in subsistence farming,” said Serut a member of the agriculture committee.?The bill has been drafted and sponsored by the Committee on Development in the EU parliament and it claims that the technology is not good for Africa.”


MEPs? tough anti-GM stance criticised by industry?- Food Navigator -?By David Burrows (June 2)

“The row over glyphosate continues to spill over into decisions relating to genetically modified (GM) crops after environment MEPs called on the European Commission to withdraw its authorisations for the use of a GM maize resistant to the weedkiller.”

Organic growers report higher sales, low market penetration -?Delta Farm Press – By Forrest Laws in Farm Press Blog (May 27)

Environmentalists plan fierce battle against Bayer-Monsanto merger – Deutsche Welle – By Dave Keating (May 31)


China unveils plan to cleanse contaminated soil – Financial Times (UK) – By Lucy Hornby (June 1)

“Beijing hopes to make 90% of polluted agricultural land ?safely usable?”


Gluten-Free Water? A Fad Without a Grain of Sense – Wall Street Journal – Commentary by Sophie Egan (June 1)

“Almost a third of Americans avoid gluten. About 1% of them actually have a medical need to.”



Donald Trump sides with agriculture over environmentalists in California water clash – Los Angeles Times – By Michael Finnegan (May 27)


Translated –?New European meeting on June 6 to decide the fate of glyphosate – / AFP (France) (May 28)


How German politics pushed Roundup into the weeds – Politico Europe – By Giulia Paravicini (May 30)


The EPA vs. Science – National Review – By Julie Kelly (May 31)

“Why is the agency delaying a long-awaited report on a weed killer? Congress wants to know.”

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