Rosalie Ellasus: Journey from Overseas Worker to GM Advocate


Global Farmer Network member Rosalie Ellasus is known as the “Queen of Bt Corn” in the Philippines. Rosalie recounts her path to thriving GM corn farmer and how she is empowering fellow farmers to embrace GM crops in “Stories of Success from Bt Corn Growers,” a joint project of CropLife Asia & the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA).

Rosalie is the 2017 Kleckner Global Farm Leader Award recipient and in 2016, the Department of Agriculture-Biotechnology Program Office named her as one of the “Filipino Faces of Biotechnology” for her contributions to the country’s agribiotech sector.

Rosalie Ellasus

Rosalie Ellasus

Rosalie Ellasus is a first-generation farmer, growing corn and rice in San Jacinto, Philippines. Rosalie allows her farm to be used as a demonstration pilot for smallholder farmers to visit and learn from. She currently serves as President of the Philippine Maize Federation and is a member of the Truth About Trade & Technology Global Farmer Network.

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