Robles’ Insights on Sustainability, Resilience, and Innovations


Efren Robles, GFN member and Puerto Rican farmer, discusses challenges and opportunities in Puerto Rico’s food system, and how his farm-to-table concept contributes to the local gastronomic scene. Through agri-tourism, he shows others the sustainable practices used on the farm to grow food.

He also talks about overcoming adversity during Hurricane Maria and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Efren Robles

Efren Robles

Efrén Robles was born and raised in Manatí, Puerto Rico. He is the co-founder of Frutos del Guacabo, a Culinary Agro-Hub Farm and co-founder of Horizon Solutions a water treatment consulting firm. He’s a passionate businessman, committed to the growth of local food ecosystems. During the past 13 years Efren has been able to work with over one-hundred farmers and commercialize over 200 local products. He has been very active on the local gastronomic scene and with the help of his family they have developed gastronomic experiences designed to showcase the impact of local production/consumption on the near communities.

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