Robert’s bill passes committee, trade deals prominent in presidential race, and other news of interest…




PoliticoGMO labeling bill divides, torments Democrats – By Helena Bottemiller Evich and Catherine Boudreau (4 Mar)

But even as the lawmakers crossed over to vote for the measure, they expressed serious reservations about voluntary labeling…

Food Navigator USA -?Sen. Pat Roberts’ GMO labeling bill passes ag ctte: ‘What we?re facing is not a safety or health issue, it’s a market issue’?-?By Elaine Watson?(1 Mar)

A bill that would pre-empt state laws that mandate GMO labeling (such as Act 120 in Vermont)?and set up a federal voluntary labeling system instead, has passed in the Senate Agriculture Committee 14:6, but faces an uphill battle when it goes to the Senate floor for a vote.

The Senate Agriculture Committee approved a bill to preempt state GMO labeling laws, and there were signs there may eventually be enough Democratic support to get a version of the legislation enacted.


Food Navigator USA -?Sen. Merkley introduces new GMO labeling bill backed by Campbell Soup, Amy’s Kitchen, but critics say it ?can?t pass??-?By Elaine Watson?(3-Mar)

Two days after Senator Pat Roberts? voluntary GMO labeling bill got the green light from the Senate agriculture committee, Senator Jeff Merkley* (D-OR) has introduced a ?common-sense? alternative he claims will please supporters of mandatory GMO labeling, but offer the food industry a more palatable means of presenting this information.


Food Navigator -?Scientists unlock key to drought-resistant, nutrient-boosted beans?-?By Will Chu (2-Mar)

Sequencing the common bean?s genetic make-up is set to reap nutritional benefits as well as making the pulse resistant to drought, expanding its use beyond the food industry, a study has stated.


The Irish News -?United States and Europe disagree on GM crops – By Gary McDonald (2 Mar)

They insist Europeans are not aligned to the science which proves there is absolutely no risk to consuming genetically-modified food.?But that single emotive issue could potentially bring down the ?4 trillion (?3.1 trillion) Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).


The Southern Times (Southern Africa) – Call to adopt BT cotton production – By Brian Tomo (3 Mar)

As debate on production and consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) rages on, Zimbabwe needs to make a decision as other countries in Africa are either carrying out controlled trials or have already gone commercial.

Call to adopt BT cotton production


Food Navigator -?Campaigners file formal complaint against EU over glyphosate?-?By Kizzi Nkwocha (4-Mar)

Six environmentalist groups have filed a formal complaint against EU regulators for denying the link between the controversial herbicide glyphosate and cancer. -?Why Is Trade Such A Big Deal In The Election Campaign? – By John Brinkley (3 Mar)

Did you ever think you?d see a day when international trade was a central issue in a U.S. presidential election?



Business Day Live (South Africa) – Chicken imports end AGOA impasse – By Simon Barber (3 Mar)

The announcement puts an end to a long-running dispute that came to a head in November when US President Barack Obama gave SA 90 days to open its market to US chicken, beef and pork or lose duty-free access to the US market for its own agricultural products.


ICTSD Bridges News -?Services Trade in Focus as TISA, TTIP, RCEP Aim for 2016 Conclusion (3 Mar)

Services trade governance could see some significant developments in the coming year, as various major trade initiatives confirmed separately last month that they hope to reach conclusion in 2016.


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