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Lara asked 3 years ago

Hello 🙂
   I hear all the time that data is now an important tool to help farmers be more sustainable. But much like sustainable has a different meaning with everyone, so does the word data. My question is what IS data to an average farmer, and how specifically does it impact your business operation to allow fewer inputs and higher yields?
Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully answer!

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Bill HoranBill Horan Staff answered 2 years ago

Lara, thank you for your question. It’s an important topic and one that I am happy to share some of my experience with you. Let me offer just one example of how data gathered on my farm helps me make decisions that impact the economic and environmental sustainability of our operation. The last 15 years we take the data from soil samples and use it to site specifically apply all of our fertilizers and crop protection products with GPS satellites. The use of this specific data allows me to be more efficient and environmentally responsible by applying crop protection and nutrition products only as needed where needed.

I’d be pleased to answer any additional questions you might have regarding data and its use on my farm or other topics that you have an interest in.