Planting the Seeds of Success


Gabriela Cruz, a GFN member from Portugal, was a panelist for a webinar on using carbon markets to incentivise climate-friendly farming: Planting the seeds of success: using carbon markets to incentivize climate-friendly farming.

The Economist’s Sustainability Week Insight Hour series explores sustainability initiatives. This event was held February 18, 2021.

Maria Gabriela Cruz

Maria Gabriela Cruz

Gabriela Cruz, an agronomist engineer, is managing the farm in Elvas, Portugal that has been in her family for more than 110 years with her sister. Using conservation practices and efficient water use they are growing wheat, barley, green peas, clover, maize and biodiversed pastures for raising beef cattle and Iberian pigs in Portugal. Gabriela was recognized as the 2010 GFN Kleckner Global Farm Leader award recipient.

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