Nigerians Striving Toward Ethos Of A ‘Greenland’


When popular Nigerian musician TY Bello sang the song “The Land is Green” from her Greenland album, she was re-echoing an ideal birthed by Nigeria’s founding fathers — an ideal captured so ebulliently on the green-white-green-striped Nigerian flag. This greenness represents the rich and fertile soil, the precious earth on which we dwell. Generations later, Nigerians are still embracing this greenery, pushing sustainability across civic, public and business spheres. This is a tale of their exploits…

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Chibuike Emmanuel

Chibuike Emmanuel

Started farming catfish when he convinced a Cable TV network to allow him to use a fallow part of their tower farm for fish farming. Started with one pond and has now expanded to hold up to 5 tons of catfish per production cycle. Also grows vegetables using pond water for irrigation.

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