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The Global Farmer Network brings farmers from around the world to a learning exchange for ideas. This helps farmers build on the experience of each other. As a result, each gains a new perspective.

Javier Callegas, a farmer from Nicaragua and member of the Global Farmer Network tells how in this short video.

Support from friends like you helps the Global Farmer Network provide a forum for global farmers to share their stories and a from-the-field perspective with other farmers, consumers, opinion, and policy leaders. Click here to make a donation to the Global Farmer Network.

Javier Callejas

Javier Callejas

Javier was born and raised in Nicaragua. During civil unrest in the 80's, the family migrated to Guatemala and then to the US. In 2015 he moved back to Nicaragua. He has a poultry farm that includes 13 chicken houses and an 870 acre sugar cane farm. They produce 530,000 chickens every 36-day cycle, totaling close to 7 cycles/year.

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