Myths about food safety


As part of a Global Farmer Network webinar, farmer Paul Temple from the United Kingdom and farmer Annechien ten Have Mellema from the Netherlands, discuss myths about food safety and which countries have the safest food.

This excerpt comes from the first in a series of Global Farmer Network Cultivating the Farmers’ Voice webinars.

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Annechien ten Have Mellema

Annechien ten Have Mellema

Recognized as by the GFN as a 2021 Kleckner Award for Global Farm Leadership award recipient, Annechien ten Have Mellema has been farming since 1993. On her farm you'll find 600 sows, 5,000 finishers, wheat, sugar beets and corn and a biogas plant 1,1 MW. She is a pork industry leader, member of the board of a Local Water Authority, and member of the Council on Animal Affairs. Annechien is founder of Hamletz, scharrelvlees van Annechien her own brand of pork.

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