Maria “Pilu” Giraudo: GFN Mobilizing in Argentina, Part 2


The leadership of Maria “Pilu” Giraudo is instrumental in the Global Farmer Network’s Mobilizing the GFN in Support of a Resilient Agri-Food System forum, held February 5-11, 2023. In this part of her interview, she discusses the goals and expected outcomes of the mobilization in Argentina, and what it means to her to host the event in her home country.

Maria Beatriz Pilu Giraudo

Maria Beatriz Pilu Giraudo

Maria 'Pilu' Giraudo is a mom and 5th generation farmer who with her family utilizes a no-till system to grow soy, wheat, barley, corn and sorghum, as well as livestock in Santa Fe Province, Argentina. Trained as an Agricultural Engineer, Pilu is the Honorary President of Aapresid (Argentine No-Till Farmers Association) and a member of the Global Farmer Network Advisory Council. She is actively involved in several national and international NGOs focused on sustainable agriculture initiatives and advocacy. Included in her advocacy is a weekly radio program, hosted by rural women, who share stories from their farms and lives every Saturday. Pilu worked for two years in support of Sustainable Development Policies for the Ministry of AgroIndustry in Argentina and in 2016 was recognized as the Global Farmer Network Kleckner Award recipient.

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