Making the case for Trade-February 4th webinar


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Making the Case for Trade: Global Farmers Speak Up

February 4, 2021 at 2:00 pm GMT/9:00 am EST

Paul Temple is a farmer in the north of England in the United Kingdom. As part of the Global Farmer Network’s webinar series, he’s going to bring 4 farmers together virtually for a conversation about the farming we’re carrying out, the way we use technology, and the importance of free flowing trade.

This webinar is sponsored by the Global Farmer Network.

Paul M. Temple

Paul M. Temple

Paul Temple volunteers as a board member for the Global Farmer Network and farms in the north of England in the United Kingdom. The farm practices conservation agriculture on a mixed beef and arable family farm. Paul grows wheat for seed, barley, oilseed rape, vining peas and beans. They've recently added grass leys back into the arable rotation. On the beef side they utilise a wide range of environmental grasses with suckler cattle, rearing calves that are either fattened or sold as stores. Additionally, the farm is in a high level environmental scheme with educational access.

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