Kühn Honored for Transforming Post-Conflict Agriculture


2023 World Food Prize Laureate Heidi Kühn has helped over one million farmers and members of farming families, particularly in post-conflict zones.

With conflicts proliferating in so many parts of the world, war is a growing threat to farmlands and food security. An increasing number of nations are finding it necessary to confront the daunting challenge of restoring food systems, livelihoods and communities after conflict. Kühn’s work turning “mines to vines” shows the world the vital role agriculture must have in the resilient recovery from conflict and restoration of peace.

“When people are desperate, when they can’t feed their families, that is when war breaks out all over the world. So we are doubling down on our deepest commitment,” said Kühn. “Roots of Peace serves no flag; we serve the farmer.” #FoodPrize23 

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