Kenya to start GM maize testing, trade and zika still at forefront in US – news for week of Aug 15



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Obama puts Congress on notice: TPP is coming – Politico – By Adam Behsudi (Aug 12)

“Friday’s notification is the clearest signal yet that the White House is serious about getting Obama?s legacy trade deal ? the biggest in U.S. history ? passed by the end of the year…”

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Americans inconsistent on free trade but like it more than leaders – CNBC – By Mark Fahey (Aug 12)

“Angry anti-trade rhetoric is flying from political podiums on the left and the right this year, but it’s not at all clear that Americans broadly agree with their politicians.”


Russia to lower tariffs on EU’s paper, fridges after WTO ruling – Reuters (Aug 12)

“Despite being a WTO member since August 2012, Russia has not yet fulfilled some of its commitments made before its accession…”


Brazil to overtake US as world?s top meat exporter?- -?By Kakie Roubaud (Aug 16)

“Brazil will continue to challenge the US for the position of being the world?s biggest meat producer and exporter over the next decade, according to government estimates.”

New US-Mexico Dairy Alliance ‘re-energizes’ commitment to NAFTA agreement?- Dairy Reporter -?By Mary Ellen Shoup?(Aug 16)

“Leaders of U.S. and Mexican dairy industry organizations have signed a US?Mexico Dairy Alliance pledging to work together to boost trade between the two countries.”

Populism Trumping the TPP – Japan Times / Barron’s Asia – By William Pesek (Aug 16)


Obama to take trade battle to the heartland – Politico – By Adam Behsudi (Aug 16)

“Tackling campaign rhetoric from Hillary Clinton as well as Donald Trump, administration officials are traveling the country to tout the deal?s benefits.”

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Japan deal vital if TPP gets axe – The Western Producer (Canada) – By Barbara Duckworth (Aug 18)

“If the Trans Pacific Partnership founders, the Canadian Cattlemen?s Association wants the federal government to pursue a separate free trade agreement with Japan.”



The Phony Case Against Glyphosate – National Review – By Julie Kelly & Henry I. Miller (Aug 11)

“Green zealots pressure the EPA to ban valuable weapons against hunger and disease”


GMO vs NonGMO: 2015 Cost of Production Update – The Foodie Farmer, Jennie Schmidt (Aug 13)

“When asked about ?why we chose this?? or ?why we did that?? there are nuances to farming decisions that I don?t think non-business owners understand…”


State to start testing GM maize in October – The Star (Kenya) – By Agatha Ngotho (Aug 13)


Two new HLB finds in Southern California – Western Farm Press – By Todd Fitchette (Aug 11)

“State continues to find diseased citrus in San Gabriel Valley”


Study: Neonicotinoid pesticides pose low risk to honey bees – Washington State University News – By Maegan Murray (Aug 15)

“[T]he study shows that the risk of bee exposure to neonicotinoids is small because bees aren?t exposed to enough of the pesticide to cause much harm in a real-world scenario.”


Bosan emphasises use of genetically modified foods – The Nation (Pakistan) (Aug 15)

“Federal Minister for National Food Security & Research Sikander Hayat Khan Bosan has called for a dialogue to achieve consensus on the production and use of Genetically Modified (GM) foods through commercialization of GM crops.”


Why activists, but few farmers, complain they can?t save patented seeds -?Genetic Literacy Project -???


Banana Fungus DNA Unravelled; Findings to Lead to Hardier Bananas – Crop Biotech Update, ISAAA (Aug 17)


All the wonders of human civilisation can be found in a chicken sandwich – Conservative Home (UK) – By Daniel Hannan MEP (Aug 18)


A Chat With: U.S. nutritionist Julie Miller Jones speaks out about GE crops – CIMMYT – By Matthew O’Leary (Aug 16)


Farm must keep pace for fast growth – The Economic Times (India) – ET Editorial (Aug 19)


Kenya says it has capacity to embrace GMOs – Shanghai Daily / Xinhau (China) (Aug 18)


Time To Move Beyond GMO Controversy And Take Advantage Of Scientific Progress – – By Peter H. Raven, Ph.D. (Aug 19)



Cancer all-clear given to weedkiller glyphosate by New Zealand scientific review – Stuff / NZFarmer – By Gerard Hutching (Aug 12)

“New Zealand scientists have reviewed the evidence on the weedkiller glyphosate and announced it is “unlikely” to be carcinogenic and should not be classified as a mutagen or carcinogen…”


U.S. Declares Health Emergency in Puerto Rico Over Zika Virus – The Wall Street Journal – By Thomas M. Burton (Aug 12)

“Governor requests step as confirmed infections climb above 10,000”


Organic food is great business, but a bad investment: Bjorn Lomborg – USA Today – By Bjorn Lomborg (Aug 11)

“Despite best intentions, organic farming is harming, not helping, the environment.”


Brazil mulls opening door to US GMO corn?- Feed Navigator -?By Aerin Curtis (Aug 16)

“In attempt to lower feed prices, Brazil mulls allowing imports of US genetically modified corn for feed use, says the USDA.”

National Farmers Market Week is celebrated – High Plains / Midwest Ag Journal – By Seymour Klierly (Aug 15)

“[F]armers selling their products at farmers markets put a face on agriculture, and though the mouth on that face may not always agree with our viewpoints about agriculture production, it still provides consumers with a connection to their food.”


Anti-GMO Activists Fight Plan That Could Dramatically Reduce Zika Cases – The Daily Signal – By Kelsey Harkness (Aug 16)

“As the number of Zika virus cases in the United States continues to rise…?a ?vocal minority? is doing everything in its?power to stop it.”

U.S. senator expresses concern about ag tech mergers – Reuters – By Diane Bartz (Aug 17)


Dr. Manny: Are we losing the war on Zika? – Fox News – By Dr. Manny Alvarez (Aug 19)

“One of my greatest fears is that many people are not taking the Zika virus and its various health implications seriously.”


GoI must not interfere between GM technology providers and licensees – Economic Times (India) – By C.S. Prakash (Aug 18)


Beyond Spam – Bloomberg – By Kyle Stock (Aug 15)

“Hormel’s secret weapon for predicting the future of food”


China May Not Have Enough Arable Land to Feed Its People. But Big Changes Are Coming – TIME – By Charlie Campbell (Aug 17)


Nanotechnology shows promise in overcoming fortification challenges?- Nutraingredients USA -?By Will Chu (Aug 12)

“Nanotechnology used to encase a bioactive ingredient within a food grade carrier may provide a solution in reducing fortification difficulties and provide healthier functional foods, a study has found.”

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