Joanna Lidback: Early Years, Part 1


Joanna Lidback is a GFN board member who grew up in Massachusetts and although she did not grow up on a farm, she always had an affinity for cows. Her very first cow, Annabelle, launched Joanna on her path to later becoming a dairy farmer. Learn more about Joanna’s early years in part one of this three-part series.

Joanna Lidback

Joanna Lidback

Joanna Lidback volunteers as a board member and treasurer for the Global Farmer Network, and has been recognized by the GFN as a 2021 Kleckner Award for Global Farm Leadership award recipient. She is a dairy farmer, a Chief Financial Officer, a business consultant, a mom, and a wife. Joanna and her husband own and operate the Farm at Wheeler Mountain in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, USA. It's an 80-cow herd of Holsteins and Jerseys, where they also raise their own replacements and have a small beef cattle herd. Joanna is CFO at ADK Farms, where they take care of over 7,500 dairy cows and steward over 8,000 acres of land. She is also the principal consultant at Adirondack Management Services, coaching 10 other dairy farms toward reaching their own goals.

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