It’s Political – The War on Glyphosate Spreads


This is a political molecule It’s not only a symbol of Monsanto, it’s a symbol of modern agriculture. It’s become a way to drive concerns among consumers about GMO (genetically modified organism) use.

The above quote is taken from a recent article in CropLife, The War on Glyphosate Spreads that’s excerpted and link to below. It’s a key point in the well-designed activists assault on modern agriculture. By getting the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to publish a report saying glyphosate most well-knowns as the active ingredient in Roundup – is probably a cause of cancer (be aware almost everything causes cancer according to IARC and its acute toxicity is lower than table salt) it gave ammunition to a small army of activists and trial lawyers to cite the report in their efforts to demonize a product – even though the ammunition has been contradicted by regulatory authorities around the world, discredited, and according to Reuters Investigates IARC edited out ‘non-carcinogenic’ findings.

If you question whether there is an orchestrated effort against modern agriculture, just Google ‘Kate Kelland’ the author of the Reuters investigative series to see all the results that come up from activist groups attempting to discredit her and her work.

So, the next time you’re watching tv and one of those trial lawyer commercials comes on about Roundup, be aware that all this just didn’t happen accidently.

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Source: CropLife

The War on Glyphosate Spreads

By Eric Sfiligoj – April 3, 2019

Although glyphosate has been in use in crop fields since 1974, debate over the safety and continued use of the herbicide has never been more intense than now. And the scope of these attacks is spreading.

In reality, says Bob Reiter, Global Head of Research and Development, Crop Science Division for Bayer, glyphosate never should have been come under such fire from regulators around the world. “Glyphosate is one of the most studied molecules that has ever been introduced into the agricultural marketplace,” Reiter says. “Time and time again it’s been shown to have a tremendous safety record.”

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