How Gutierrez started speaking up for Dairy


Gina Gutierrez is a dairy farmer from Mexico and a member of the Global Farmer Network. She’s also the recipient of the 2018 Global Farmer Network Kleckner Award. In this video, subtitled in English, she shares her story about how she started speaking up for dairy and became a dairy—and farming—ambassador.

To take a virtual tour of her dairy, click here. You’ll see how the farm uses technology to make sure the cows are getting the best care.

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Georgina Gutierrez

Georgina Gutierrez

Gina Gutierrez is serving as Community Outreach Agvocate for the Global Farmer Network. She is a 5th generation dairy farmer from the central region of Mexico. In 2015, Gina started a Facebook page advocating for the dairy industry. La Vida Lactea now has nearly 60,000 followers. She completed a Master's Degree in Corporate Law. She writes regularly for Ganadero and Holstein de Mexico magazine. In 2018, Gina won the Global Farmer Network's Kleckner Award.

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