How global farmers will benefit from swine fever hitting China


How global farmers ‘will benefit’ from the swine fever hitting China

African swine fever devastated China’s hog population, however, according to Oklahoma Farmer Hope Pjesky, “farmers all around the world who produce all kinds of meat will benefit from what’s happening to them.” Pjesky joins Yahoo Finance to discuss.

Hope Pjesky, a member of the Global Farmer Network and farmer from Oklahoma talks about exports during the trade war and selling ag products in Europe in this recent yahoo!finance ON the MOVE segment.

Hope Pjesky

Hope Pjesky

Hope Pjesky and her family are farmers /ranchers in northern Oklahoma where they raise stocker cattle and hard red winter wheat. Hope has a strong interest in global trade that has been supported by her selection as an Eisenhower Agriculture Fellow and later through a McCloy Agriculture Fellowship.

Hope is a member of the Farm Foundation, hosts international agricultural fellows from other countries in Oklahoma and Washington, DC. and provides leadership to the Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Program. She also volunteered for several years as a board member for the Global Farmer Network.

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