आशा Pjesky

Appreciating President Obamas Trade Support

President Obama mentioned trade only once during his farewell address on Tuesday night: I agree that our trade should be fair and not just free. In a speec...

Supporting trade should not be a Hard Choice for Clinton

The paperback edition of Hillary Rodham Clintons memoir came out this week. इसके लेखक शीर्षक में दूसरी बार देख ले सकते हैं: Hard Choices. Thats b...

Its Time to COOL Down and Uphold the U.S. Trade Obligations

Nobody ever wins a trade war, but the protectionists always want to try. Their latest act of stubbornness will force American consumers to pay more at the gr...
आशा Pjesky

आशा Pjesky

Farmer & Rancher, Oklahoma, अमेरीका

Hope Pjesky and her family are farmers /ranchers in northern Oklahoma where they raise stocker cattle and hard red winter wheat. Hope has a strong interest in global trade that has been supported by her selection as an Eisenhower Agriculture Fellow and later through a McCloy Agriculture Fellowship. Hope is a member of the Farm Foundation, hosts international agricultural fellows from other countries in Oklahoma and Washington, डीसी. and provides leadership to the Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Program. She also volunteered for several years as a board member for the Global Farmer Network.