एडुआर्डो Sekita, ग्लोबल किसान नेटवर्क के सदस्य, एक वेब वीडियो श्रृंखला में प्रोफाइल हाल ही में के एक समूह में से एक था “शीर्ष किसान” by Plant Project and Canal Rural in his home country of Brazil.

The episode featuring Sekita and others (in Portuguese) are extremely well-done (despite language challenges for many), and can be seen at YouTube (नीचे) or at their website:


Canal Rural [translated, Rural Channel]

मई को प्रकाशित 6, 2019

[Translated] Check out the fourth episode of the Top Farmers web series, featuring real characters who are building the future of Brazilian agriculture.