The 13th annual Global Farmer Roundtable (GFR) held Oct 15-17 once again coincided with the week of the World Food Prize Symposium and Borlaug Dialogues in Des Moines, Iowa. Holding the GFR as a side event to the symposium gives the participants the opportunity to interact, network, and share their perspective as farmers with others attending from dozens of nations from around the world.

Alan Bjerga moderated the 2018 GFR.

This years edition included the first participant from Japan, three alumni participants, and the Global Farmer Network now has over 180 members that hail from over 50 राष्ट्र का.

The GFN was thrilled to have well-respected journalist Alan Bjerga as roundtable moderator for the discussion between he and the farmers. The five women and seven men encompassed a wide range of farm and production experiences ranging from no-till experts to cultivating green tea but, as their predecessors before them, they discovered they share quite a bit more in common than they realized beforehand (see links to media stories below).


2018 Global Farmer Roundtable participants & new members of the Global Farmer Network:

  • अर्जेंटीना – श्री. Edgard Ramirez
  • ऑस्ट्रेलिया – श्री. विधेयक क्रैबट्री
  • भारत – श्री. Malwinder Singh Malhi
  • आयरलैंड – सुश्री. चेरिल Hazenberg
  • जापान – सुश्री. Atsumi Goto
  • केन्या – श्री. रॉडने किली
  • मेक्सिको – सुश्री. जीना Gutierrez
  • नाइजीरिया – सुश्री. Onyaole धैर्य Koku
  • नाइजीरिया – श्री. Chibuike एम्मानुएल
  • फिलीपींस – श्री. A.D. अल्वारेज़
  • संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, आयोवा – श्री. लैरी सेलर
  • जिम्बाब्वे – सुश्री. लार्वा अनुग्रह


2018 Kleckner पुरस्कार

जीना Gutierrez, a 5th generation Mexican dairy farmer was honored Oct 16 as the 12th honoree of the award.

Gina was presented the Kleckner Award by Mary Boote and GFN Chairman Reg Clause.

Gutierrez started finding her voice in May of 2015. Thats when she decided that as a dairy farmer, she needed to talk to people about the importance of dairy in the diet, and share information to offset those who have an agenda to eliminate the dairy industry.

Gina has a strong understanding of the big picture, the impact of trade barriers and how the business can be hurt when misinformation is circulated.

In order to better talk to consumers and share her story, Gina created the Facebook pageLa Vida Lctea with about 30,000 followers and has started writing columns for two different dairy publications in her home country.


Media coverage from the weeks activity at theग्लोबल किसान गोलमेज सम्मेलन:

डेस मोइनेस रजिस्टरLets put an end to the false tale about how the dairy industry treats animals by Gina Gutierrez (2018 Kleckner पुरस्कार, मेक्सिको) अक्टूबर 3.

Ag News Daily Mary Boote interviewed about the Global Farmer Roundtable and how it came to be अक्टूबर 10.

Brownfield Ag Newsalert on Brownfield Anchor/Reporter Tom Steever to be at Global Farmer Roundtable/WFP on अक्टूबर 10.

Hampton Chronicle (आयोवा) – Franklin Co. farmer tabbed as global roundtable U.S. rep on Larry Sailer अक्टूबर 10.

विज्ञान के लिए कॉर्नेल एलायंसvideos of Gina Gutierrez (2018 Kleckner पुरस्कार, मेक्सिको), AD Alvarez (GFN, फिलीपींस) and Patience Koku (GFN, नाइजीरिया) included with Farmers from around the world share ideas on World Food Day अक्टूबर 16.

Rural Radio Network Patience Koku interviewed on the networks noon show Oct 16.

WHO Radio, The Big Show – जीना Gutierrez (2018 Kleckner पुरस्कार, मेक्सिको) and Edgard Ramirez (GFN, अर्जेंटीना) appeared Oct 17, the Big Show is one of the leading farm radio shows and airs weekdays from 11am to 1 pm on WHO and WMT Radio out of Des Moines and Cedar Rapids, आयोवा.

खेती का भविष्य: Access to Innovation to Achieve Food SecurityCropLife International and Devex hosted अक्टूबर 17 panel discussion event during World Food that included Nyasha Mudukuti (GFN, जिम्बाब्वे) and Patience Koku (GFN, नाइजीरिया).

AgriMarketingMexican Dairy Farmer Named 2018 Kleckner Award Honoree on Gina Gutierrez अक्टूबर 17.

Farm Journal publications 4 Observations from the Global Farmer Network Roundtable अक्टूबर 17.

Brownfield Ag NewsInternational Farmers Discuss Shared Challenges अक्टूबर 17.

Ag News DailyA Look at a Mexican Dairy on Gina Gutierrez (2018 Kleckner पुरस्कार) अक्टूबर 18.

Brownfield Ag NewsAfter years of observing, Iowa farmer participates in Global Farmer Roundtable on Larry Sailer अक्टूबर 18.

KGLO NewsFarmers from around the world talk about the industry at World Food Prize event अक्टूबर 18.

Radio IowaFarmers from around the world talk about the industry at World Food Prize event अक्टूबर 18.

Ag News DailyArgentine Farmer Edgard RamirezRamirez Farms in Argentina and Works With Growers in Africa अक्टूबर 19.

Brownfield Ag NewsKleckner Award Winners Farm Blogging Began With Leg Injury on Gina Gutierrez अक्टूबर 19.

Brownfield Ag NewsAustralian Farmer Stays Ahead of Herbicide Resistance on Bill Crabtree अक्टूबर 19.

CropLife International Our Discussion on the Future of Farming includes Nyasha Mudukuti and Patience Koku अक्टूबर 28.

KCRG TV (Cedar Rapids) – Farmer from Kenya works to make agriculture profitable on Rodney Kili (GFN, केन्या) अक्टूबर 30.

WHO TV (डेस मोइनेस) – Farmer from Kenya works to make agriculture profitable on Rodney Kili (GFN, केन्या) अक्टूबर 30.

KCRG TV (Cedar Rapids) – Farmer from Mexico speaks on ag challenges on Gina Gutierrez (2018 Kleckner पुरस्कार) अक्टूबर 23.

Ag News DailyGrowing Corn in Nigeria interview with Patience Koku (GFN, नाइजीरिया) अक्टूबर 24.

GFN News Conference Video at WFP posted अक्टूबर 24

CIMMYTPatience Koku quoted in To feed the world, take the science to the farmer अक्टूबर 25.

Farm Weekly (ऑस्ट्रेलिया) – Safe farming tools are needed by Bill Crabtree (GFN, ऑस्ट्रेलिया) नवम्बर 6.

Looking for a speaker to be on a panel or to talk at your event? Check out theकिसानwebpage. You can follow Global Farmer Network on Twitter@World_Farmerswhere members regularly rotate posts from their farms around the world.

Peter Haas, यू.एस. State Department Deputy Asst. Sec. for Trade Policy and Negotiations in the Bureau of Economic Affairs (third from left in back row) joined the farmers at the end of the week.