Kleckner Award Winner Passionate About Telling the Dairy Story

Gina Gutierrez started finding her voice in May of 2015. कि जब उसने तय किया कि एक डेयरी किसान के रूप में, वह आहार में डेयरी के महत्व के बारे में लोगों से बात करने की जरूरत, और शेयर जानकारी जो एक एजेंडा डेयरी उद्योग को खत्म करने के लिए ऑफसेट है. She created the Facebook page La विदा Láctea, which is currently nearing 30,000 अनुयायियों.

In mid-October, Gina will be celebrated as the twelfth Kleckner पुरस्कार winner for the work she has done communicating and advocating for agriculture. A few weeks after that, she’s headed back to Rome to share her voice in another global discussion about nutrition. Last year she was at the table, representing private industry, in talks set up by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Gina is a 5गु generation dairy farmer from central Mexico. She works with her father, a veterinarian who is in charge of animal health and nutrition and her brother, एक कृषिविज्ञानी, फसलों की देखभाल कौन करता है. Gina manages the finances of the 420 गाय डेयरी. This includes purchasing. उस भूमिका में, she has a strong understanding of the big picture, व्यापार की बाधाओं का प्रभाव और कैसे व्यापार को चोट जा सकता है जब सूचना प्रसारित किया जाता है.

Since participating in the 2016 वैश्विक किसान गोलमेज सम्मेलन and joining the GFN, Gina has begun writing articles for two Mexican dairy magazines and has completed a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law. She’s able to see the connection between anti-dairy activists and global nutrition. “Anti-dairy groups may interfere with kids drinking milk by scaring people, especially parents. By doing this, they’re affecting the kids’ intellectual and physical development because without animal protein, the body doesn’t work the same. Milk is a food designed by nature, loaded with nutrition. एक अच्छी तरह से पाला बचपन एक खेल परिवर्तक है, तो सुरक्षित तक पहुंच, सस्ती खाना एक बेहतर भविष्य की कुंजी है,” says Gutierrez.

जीना मैरी बूटिंग और GFN अध्यक्ष Reg खंड द्वारा Kleckner पुरस्कार प्रस्तुत किया गया.

She says the anti-dairy agenda isn’t a big problem in Mexico YET, “because people are starving here and they’d rather buy a liter of milk for $1 US than shell out $5 for some plant based juice.” But, Gutierrez says, the fact that more of that kind of thing is coming to the market to serve higher income people causes a rise in food prices all around.

Gina has decided to stop engaging in debates directly with the activists and talk instead to regular consumers. She talks about things like animal care. “It takes healthy cows to produce good milk. We give them plenty of food and lots of water. हमें यकीन है कि वे पर्याप्त आराम प्राप्त करना. When they’re pregnant we perform ultrasounds to make sure everything is OK. You might say our cows have their own gynecologists. Pediatricians like to say that the first one thousand days of life for human children are critical. We focus similar attention on our calves to start them healthy and strong. I make sure our inventories are well stocked and up to date so we can follow a nutritional plan designed by my father and use the feed crops grown by my brother.”

Georgina “Gina” Gutierrez will receive the 2018 मंगलवार को ग्लोबल किसान नेटवर्क द्वारा प्रस्तुत Kleckner पुरस्कार, अक्टूबर 16 Des Moines में, Iowa at a dinner hosted by the Global Farmer Network Foundation. यह पुरस्कार प्रतिवर्ष दिया जाता है क्योकि 2007 और एक वैश्विक किसान जो मजबूत नेतृत्व मिसाल पहचानता है, विजन और सभी किसानों के अधिकारों को आगे बढ़ाने में तकनीक और उपकरण है कि गुणवत्ता में सुधार होगा चुनने के लिए संकल्प, दुनिया भर में कृषि उत्पादों की मात्रा और उपलब्धता. इसे स्थापित किया गया था सम्मान डीन Kleckner, संगठन के अध्यक्ष एमेरिटस. Previous award recipients are Rosalie Ellasus, फिलीपींस (2007); जेफ Bidstrup, ऑस्ट्रेलिया (2008); जिम McCarthy, आयरलैंड (2009), Gabriela Cruz, पुर्तगाल (2010); गिल्बर्ट arap चौ, केन्या (2011) राजेश कुमार, भारत (2012) V. रविचंद्रन, भारत (2013), इयान Pigott, युनाइटेड किंगडम (2014), लिडा Sasu, घाना (2015), मारिया Beatriz "Pilu" Giraudo, अर्जेंटीना (2016) and Motlatsi Musi, दक्षिण अफ़्रीका (2017).

Happy cows are healthy cows at the Gutierrez dairy farm in Central Mexico.