एजी तकनीक से संबंधित समाचार आइटम, जैव प्रौद्योगिकी, trade and perhaps some other interesting topics out there related to agriculture will be posted on this page throughout the week (as the week progresses newest items will be inहरावर्गों के तल पर). Check the page during the week for updates.


व्यापार, व्यापार संबंधित, आधारिक संरचना:

Trade growth to sustain momentum in first quarter of 2018, latest trade indicator suggests – विश्व व्यापार संगठन (Feb 12)

The WTOs latest World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI), released on 12 फरवरी, suggests that the trade recovery of 2017 should continue, with solid trade volume growth in the first quarter of 2018.” – संपर्क

The latest World Trade Outlook Indicator (courtesy of WTO).

Australia and Peru sign free trade dealYahoo! Finance / AAP (Feb 11)

We also agree that the regional economic integration of the Asia Pacific region is very important and we are working together to move that agenda forward.” – संपर्क

Trudeau Sees Clear Path Forward on Nafta – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Josh Wingrove (Feb 11) – संपर्क
China traders cancel U.S. corn cargoes on tighter GMO controls, buy from Ukraine: sources – रायटर – By Hallie Gu, Dominique Patton (Feb 9)

“…become tougher for Chinese grain mills to get permits to process genetically modified corn this year…” – संपर्क


एजी, एजी टेक, RESEARCH, उत्पादन, सुरक्षा, संबंधित मुद्दों:

Their farm land was their labThe Hindu (Feb 9)

Some budding agriculturalists not only tweaked farming practices on their own fields, but also helped transform their village.” – संपर्क

Regulatory restructure of biotech is critical to the future of US agriculture – पहाड – By Tammy Lee Stanoch (Feb 11)

“…future food needs will require adding new innovative and transformative technologies to our current capabilities in agriculture…” – संपर्क

99.5% of samples test below EPA benchmark residue levelFarm Press (Feb 9)
Pesticide Data Program scientists and staff use rigorous sampling to test a wide variety of domestic and imported foods.” – संपर्क


नीति, नियामक, सक्रियता, अन्य:

German agri-strategy targets animal welfare, organic productionFood NavigatorBy Katy Askew (Feb 12)

German legislators have detailed plans to develop an animal welfare label and promote organic agriculture as part of a deal that could enable the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) to head up a coalition government under Angela Merkel.” – संपर्क

Free-from foods are seen as healthierespecially GM-free and palm oil-free: studyFood NavigatorBy Niamh Michail (Feb 9)

“तथापि, the more nutritionally informed an individual was, the smaller the ‘health haloeffect was.” – संपर्क

यू.एस. pledges support for biotech in NigeriaNew Telegraph (नाइजीरिया) – By Caleb Onwe (Feb 9) – संपर्क