A look at our notill farming system and its benefits to the wider environment after the very mislead decision not to re-register Glyphosate in the EU Parliament yesterday [अक्टूबर 25, 2017].”

जेक Freestoneis the farm manager at Overbury Farms inTewkesbury, England 1560 गेहूं की हेक्टेयर, जौ, तिलहन बलात्कार, मटर, and runs 1,000 breeding ewes. The farm has converted 90% of the land to zero tillage, and is also a LEAF Demonstration Farm (लिंकिंग पर्यावरण और खेती).

Jake attended the 2016 Global Farmer Roundtable and is a member of the Global Farmer Network.

Jake chronicles activity at the farm on यूट्यूब and recently posted why he strongly feels glyphosate is an intergral part of farming and conservation.

Related to his recent video, earlier in the year he posted ग्लाइफोसेट – A Key Ingredient at his blog Farmer Jake, which gives a bit more in-depth look at the practical aspects of Integrated Farm Management.