एजी तकनीक से संबंधित समाचार आइटम, जैव प्रौद्योगिकी, व्यापार ? और शायद कृषि से संबंधित कुछ अन्य रोचक विषय ? सप्ताह भर इस पृष्ठ पर पोस्ट किया जाएगा (जैसे-जैसे सप्ताह आगे बढ़ेगा नए आइटम अंदर होंगे?हरा?वर्गों के तल पर). ?अपडेट के लिए सप्ताह के दौरान पृष्ठ देखें.


For the non-Shakespearean readers unfamiliar with the phrase, “Et tu, Brute?” – basically it’s Latin forEven you, Brutusfrom the play Julius Caesar.? The dying words of the dictator as he realizes his friend Brutus is one of the assassins who has stabbed him. The phrase is meant toexpress surprise and dismay at the treachery of a supposed friend.

इसलिये, the purpose ofEt tu, न्यूजीलैंड” in this week’s title.? The island nation has been one of?the stalwarts for international free trade.? But after a recent change in coalition government, the new 37 year old Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, also a former president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, has joined recent protectionist sentiments and immediately proclaimed she will seek to renegotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).? Much as after the United States withdrew following President Trump taking office at the start of 2017, the remaining 11 nations may now face another obstacle from a nation once seen as a leader on trade.


व्यापार, व्यापार संबंधित, आधारिक संरचना:

NZ Prime Minister heads to trade talks with foreign investment ban on her mindNikkei Asian Review/Reuters (अक्टूबर 26)

New Zealand previously touted itself as a champion of free trade and was a key backer of the TPP…” – संपर्क

NZ minister says big changes to Pacific trade deal may not be possible before APEC meeting – रायटर – By Charlotte Greenfield (अक्टूबर 30)

“…would not confirm whether New Zealand was willing to walk away from the TPP over the issue, saying that would undermine the country?s negotiating position.” – संपर्क

अमेरिका, Mercosur press for year-end trade deal despite resistance – फूड नेविगेटर – By Katy Askew (अक्टूबर 26)

A trade deal between the European Union and the Latin American countries represented by Mercosur are could be concluded by the end of the year, despite resistance from European agricultural interests.” – संपर्क

Canada Warns Nafta Talks Can?t Be ?Winner Take All? – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Josh Wingrove and Eric Martin (अक्टूबर 26)

The previous round wrapped upwith ministers trading barbs amid 5 key impasses on?दुग्धालय,?automotive?content, dispute?panels, सरकार?procurement?and a?sunset clause. Mexico and Canada are effectively dismissing U.S. proposals on all five.” – संपर्क

Fears grow that EU glyphosate ban could disrupt global tradePolitico EuropeBy Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini (अक्टूबर 30)

Some of Europe?s biggest trade partners fear a potential EU ban on glyphosate could hit exports of crops ranging from Australian wheat to Brazilian soybeans.” – संपर्क

Ban on beef to China lifted – ज़मीन (ऑस्ट्रेलिया) – By Shan Goodwin (अक्टूबर 31)

“…six Australian meat processors can now resume exporting their beef to China” – संपर्क

Russia widens meat import banGlobalMeatNews.com -?By Keith Nuthall and Eugene Vorotikov (अक्टूबर 27)

The Russian government has expanded the range of meat and livestock imports it has blocked from the US, EU and other countries imposing sanctions on Moscow.” – संपर्क

US in India trip to rip down trade barriersGlobalMeatNews.com -?ऑस्कर रूसो द्वारा (अक्टूबर 30)

Five animal feed and genetic firms have joined the US government on an agribusiness mission to India to grow exports and tackle trade issues.” – संपर्क

एजी, एजी टेक, अनुसंधान, उत्पादन, सुरक्षा, संबंधित मुद्दों:

Dairy farmers use technology in effort to cut greenhouse gas production by 25% by 2020 – खाद्य नेविगेटर अमरीका – एलिजाबेथ क्रॉफर्ड तक (अक्टूबर 26)

Animal agriculture in the US is often criticized for its heavy environmental impact, but data from the National Dairy Council tells a very different story ? one of farmers using technology to improve the sustainability of their lands and dairy production.” – संपर्क

CRISPR Bacon: Chinese Scientists Create Genetically Modified Low-Fat Pigs – एनपीआर – By Rob Stein (अक्टूबर 23)

It demonstrates a way that you can improve the welfare of animals at the same as also improving the product from those animals ? the meat.” – संपर्क

दृष्टिकोण: European anti-tech groups threaten to derail CRISPR gene editing in agriculture -?आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना – द्वारा?

“…powerful voices, including activist environmental NGOs, want to ban this new methodology, and these NGOs spread their often-unsubstantiated opinions about the supposed risks of ?unintended effects or unproven safety…? – संपर्क

New Strain Of Saltwater Rice Could Feed 200 Million People In ChinaScience Trends – द्वारा?Mohendra Shiwnarain (अक्टूबर 30)

Professor Yuan believes that it is inevitable that the tools of biotechnology would have to be used to further add benefits to rice and create better strains. This can be said of many other food products.” – संपर्क


नीति, नियामक, सक्रियता, अन्य:

दूध, salads, kitty litter, condoms: ‘Non-GMOlabels sow confusionLos Angeles TimesBy Geoffrey Mohan (अक्टूबर 25)

?यह?s like unicorn-free milk,? said Alison L. Van Eenennaam, a UC Davis animal genomics scientist. ?There aren?t any GMOs in milk anyway.? – संपर्क

Boulder County scraps research initiative for GMO crop transitionDaily Camera (कोलोराडो) – By Shay Castle (अक्टूबर 24)

“हम [county staff and commissioners] set this process in motion as it is right now. We are half the issue here in terms of having the polarized issue we do (तथा) we need to deal with consequences of our actions.” – संपर्क

ध्यान दें: the irony is those who created the problemsome county commissioners, staffactually try to deflect blame toward farmers.

Groups urge update to EU irradiation rulesFood Quality News -?By Joseph James Whitworth (अक्टूबर 23)

The European Commission has been urged to revise legislation related to irradiation of food and ingredients.” – संपर्क

Eye-catching labels stigmatize many healthy foods – feedstuffs (अक्टूबर 20)

Study findsprocesslabels like organic, fair trade and cage free can affect consumer behavior, even when there’s no scientific basis.” – संपर्क

Glyphosate Ban: Not about Green. About Greed. – National ReviewBy Julie Kelly (अक्टूबर 27)

The anti-glyphosate crusade is a proxy battle against genetically engineered crops [तथा] it has been a gift to activists and lawyers seeking to profit off of glyphosate ?victims.?”?- संपर्क

Also see: Theworried wealthyand glyphosate

Italian farmer wages lonely battle against a continental tide of superstition – विज्ञान के लिए कॉर्नेल एलायंस – By Mark Lynas (अक्टूबर 30)

Giorgio Fidenato is an unlikely warrior. He is a small-holder farmer, बढ़ रहा है मक्का (मक्का), tomatoes and soybeans on just five hectares of cultivated land…” – संपर्क

*ध्यान दें – Fidenator is a member of the Global Farmer Network.? See अक्टूबर 26 स्तंभ.

Surprise! Shoppers Are Confused About Food And GMOsForbes.comBy Phil Lempert (अक्टूबर 30)

Two new surveys come to the same conclusion:?The average American shopper is clueless when it comes to having an understanding of what is a genetically modified organism (जीएमओ).” – संपर्क

Is Zambia being too hard on GMOs? – Zambia Daily Mail Limited (अक्टूबर 31)

?Let us help small scale farmers to improve their soils and agriculture output. Improved soils translate into quality agriculture produce and nutrition which will help us avoid stunted growth among children…” – संपर्क