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व्यापार, व्यापार संबंधित, आधारिक संरचना:

Trump advisor: ‘Free, fair and reciprocaltrade deals are priority – संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका आज – By Roger Yu (Mar 6)

In one of his first public remarks since he was tapped by Trump to carry out his America-first trade policy, Navarro sounded the alarm over the ?large and persistent? यू.एस. trade deficit in goods, totaling about $2 billion a day.” – संपर्क

Trump adviser Navarro: यू.एस, Germany should discuss trade outside EU – रायटर – By David Lawder (Mar 6)

“… the $65 billion U.S. trade deficit with Germany wasone of the most difficulttrade issues, and bilateral discussions were needed to reduce it outside of European Union restrictions.” – संपर्क

On trade, it’s Trump vs. the deep state – राजनीतिक चालबाज़ी करनेवाला मनुष्य, The AgendaBy Todd Tucker (Mar 6)

The administration’s trade report highlights the fissures beneath the surface?and the contradictions of its trade policy.” – संपर्क

Multilateral trade deals? Trump’s just not that into themMarketplaceBy Ashley Milne-Tyte (Mar 3)

?It seems to me that President Trump, given his long history in the real estate business, is quite comfortable in bilateral settings…” – संपर्क

एजी, एजी टेक, उत्पादन, संबंधित मुद्दों:

Want more crop variety? Researchers propose using CRISPR to accelerate plant domesticationScienmag, Science Magazine (Mar 2)

With gene editing, we can create ‘biologically inspired organismsin that we don’t want to improve nature, we want to benefit from what nature has already created.” – संपर्क

Non-Browning Apples and Hornless CowsNational ReviewBy Julie Kelly (Mar 7)

Genetic modification can, among other boons, reduce food waste and improve the lives of dairy cattle.” – संपर्क


नीति, नियामक, सक्रियता, अन्य:

Ethiopia: Ministry Stresses Agri-Technology Use – allAfrica / The Ethiopian HeraldBy Robel Yohannes (Mar 3)

Market oriented agricultural activity, agricultural product consumption and agricultural value addition would not guarantee sustainability unless backed by improved technology…” – संपर्क

Canadian environment groups want webinar pulled from classrooms over GMO foodsCBC News (Mar 3)

Council of Canadians says ‘corporate propagandashouldn’t be allowed in classrooms” – संपर्क

Led by Nigeria, Africa opening door to genetically modified crop cultivation – आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना – By Steven Cerier (Mar 6)

Africa has been reluctant to adopt GM technology for crop production. That might be changing. Recent developments suggest that many African nations are poised to overcome domestic and international opposition and embrace GM technology as a means of boosting their agriculture sector.” – संपर्क

Inside The Anti-Science Forces of the InternetBuzzfFeedBy Stephanie M. Lee (Mar 7)

Welcome to the corner of the internet that?s hell-bent on convincing you that GMOs are poisonous, vaccines cause autism, and climate change is a government-sponsored hoax. The message is traveling far and wide.” – संपर्क