एजी तकनीक से संबंधित समाचार आइटम, जैव प्रौद्योगिकी, व्यापार- और शायद कुछ अन्य दिलचस्प आइटम वहाँ से बाहर करने के लिए कृषि-संबंधी सप्ताह भर में इस पेज पर पोस्ट किया जाएगा (सप्ताह के रूप में प्रगति नवीनतम आइटम हो जाएगा ग्रीन वर्गों के निचले भाग में). नियमित रूप से जाँच कर सुनिश्चित हो.


व्यापार, व्यापार से संबंधित, बुनियादी सुविधाओं:

Wheat Growers in the United States and Canada support cross-border trade and open wheat marketNewsHubNationBy Levi Wood and Jason Scott (फ़रवरी 8)

Our organizations [Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association and U.S. गेहूं असोसिअट्स] and farmers on both sides of the border strongly support cooperating to ensure an open market” – लिंक

*नोट: – Levi Wood is a member of the GFN

Mexico ready to retaliate by hurting American corn farmersCNN Money – पैट्रिक गिलेस्पी द्वारा (फ़रवरी 13)

“…Mexican senator Armando Rios Pitersays he will introduce a bill this week where Mexico will buy corn from Brazil and Argentina instead of the United States.” – लिंक

World Trade Outlook Indicator suggests moderate trade momentum in first quarter of 2017 – विश्व व्यापार संगठन (फ़रवरी 14)

Trade-related indicators including air freight, automobile sales, export orders and container shipping have all registered solid gains in recent months, auguring for faster growth in merchandise trade volumes in the first few months of the year.लिंक

Trade deals are complicated because trade is complicated – लॉस एंजिल्स टाइम्स – Op-ed by Dalibor Rohac (फ़रवरी 13)

Meaningful liberalization, तब, has to focus on smoothing over the differences in regulatory regimes. Value chains extend through numerous countries and often involve shipping intermediate products across borders. एक परिणाम के रूप में, there are countless environmental, safety and sanitary rules enforced by different conformity assessment bodies.” – लिंक

Reshape or shatter? The pitfalls of renegotiating NAFTA – अर्थशास्त्री (फ़रवरी 11)

A revision of the North American trade deal will not give Donald Trump what he wants” – लिंक

Not all blackBrexit: the New Zealand precedent – अर्थशास्त्री (फ़रवरी 11)

How New Zealand coped with the loss of preferential access to its biggest market” – लिंक

EU Parliament passes CETA trade deal – खाद्य नेविगेटर – Niamh Michail द्वारा (फ़रवरी 15)

MEPs have voted in favour of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (चेतः॑) between the EU and Canada in Strasbourg today with 408 votes in favour and 254 againstmust now be passed by national and regional governments, which opponents have welcomed as an opportunity to stop it.” – लिंक

एजी, एजी टेक, उत्पादन, से संबंधित मुद्दों:

Uganda’s Bad Seeds – Reason.com – By Francisco Toro (मार्च 2017 समस्या)

East Africans go hungry because they can’t trust their markets” – लिंक

Genetically modified banana trial to return to Northern Territory in hope of finding variety resistant to Panama TR4 – एबीसी न्यूज (ऑस्ट्रेलिया) – By Lisa Hebert (फ़रवरी 12)

We’re now taking those four lines that look very promising and trialling a much larger number of plants over a much bigger area.” – लिंक

Chemical breakthrough gives hope for future of agricultural weed control – एबीसी ग्रामीण (ऑस्ट्रेलिया) – By Joanna Prendergast (फ़रवरी 14)

The discovery is being welcomed by grain growers who are battling a number of weeds with growing amounts of resistance to chemical controls.” – लिंक

नीति, विनियामक, सक्रियतावाद, अन्य:

An informed opinion on GMOs – हवाई: In Real LifeBy Ed Morita (जन 30)

I wanted factual information, and it has taken me several years to gather enough that I feel I can have an informed opinion on the matter. That opinion is that I am NOT opposed to GMOs.” – लिंक

Supermarkets look to sustainability as the next organic – बाल्टीमोर सन् – By Lorraine Mirabella (जन 28)

The designations are part of a ratings system the Landover-based grocer is testing in nine of its stores that measures the sustainability of food, both fresh and processed.” – लिंक

राय: Agricultural Technology Can’t Be IgnoredThe Standard (केन्या) – By Gilbert arap Bor (फ़रवरी 10)

“…we’re choosing to squander a promising opportunity, are still plagued with scientific ignorance and that once again, an African nation continues to lag behind the world in everything.” – लिंक

*नोट: – The author, Gilbert arap Bor is a GFN member and the 2011 Kleckner पुरस्कार प्राप्तकर्ता

Are your food facts really food myths? – The Columbus DispatchBy Marion Renault (फ़रवरी 8)

Scientists communicate in data charts and tables; lay people often make decisions based on emotion. It can be challenging to speak both languages… ” – लिंक

Juncker plans radical shake-up to save the EU from itself – राजनीतिक, यूरोप संस्करण – साइमन मार्क्स द्वारा (फ़रवरी 7)

Commission chief wants to kick toxic decisions back to national governmentsA stark example of how the EU’s legislative sausage gets made will take place next month when European countries need to decide whether to clear genetically modified crops for cultivation.” – लिंक

Why Nigeria Needs To Key Into Biotechnology Global Evolution – नेतृत्व (नाइजीरिया) – द्वारा Nkechi इसहाक (फ़रवरी 14)

With the current population of over 180 लाख लोग, famine, malnutrition and hunger are staring the nation in the face. All these emergency situations are closely linked with the inability to produce enough food to feed the people, which make it obvious that the conventional method of agriculture is not working for us.” – लिंक