एजी तकनीक से संबंधित समाचार आइटम, जैव प्रौद्योगिकी, व्यापार ? और शायद कृषि से जुड़ी कुछ अन्य दिलचस्प चीजें ? सप्ताह भर इस पृष्ठ पर पोस्ट किया जाएगा (as the week progresses new items will be in?हरा वर्गों के तल पर). ?Be sure to check in regularly!


Editorial comment: Anyone find irony in all the recent concern from the media and others over trade, trade deals and anything trade related? ?The concern seems to have materialized virtually overnightor at least since when the transition from President Obama to President Trump. ? Where was all this support for trade over the past few years when much work towards TPP and TTIP was being done? ?Many have done a virtual about face, and gone from being unsupportive of trade deals, to all of a sudden being concerned and opining about the potential impact on consumers paying more for goods and perceptions of American leadership. ?The current landscape is still taking shape and there will likely be some fluidity over the coming months – परंतु, as the first two news items below indicate, there are conflicting views and perspectives from knowledgeable people


There probably won’t be a trade warThe Australian Business ReviewBy Alan Kohler (जनवरी 30)

But what?s usually missed, or ignored, about President Trump?s January 23 memorandum pulling the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership is that it was a surgical withdrawal from one deal only, and that Trump used it to make a generally pro-trade statement.” – Link to news item here

तुस्र्प?s Trade War May Have Already Begun – न्यूयॉर्क टाइम्स – By Peter S. Goodman (जनवरी 30)

In Asia and Latin America, leaders have absorbed the deepening possibility that Mr. Trump will deliver on threats to impose punitive tariffs on Mexican and Chinese imports…” – Link to news item here

Germany urges EU to speed trade deals after Trump, Brexit – रायटर -?By Tom K?rkemeier?(जनवरी 27)

Link to news item here

US dairy groups ask Canada to ?hold up its end of the bargain? in trade agreements?- खाद्य नेविगेटर अमरीका – By Mary Ellen Shoup (जनवरी 31)

The US dairy industry is continuing its fight against Canada?s policies, which they say are blocking American dairy imports into the country in violation of international agreements.” – Link to news item here

Renegotiating NAFTA provides an opportunity to make needed reforms – पहाड – By Jon Barela (फ़रवरी 1)

Link to news item here

एजी, एजी टेक, उत्पादन, संबंधित मुद्दों:

USDA sends out $13.6 million more to fight citrus greening scourge – दक्षिणपूर्व फार्म प्रेस (जनवरी 26)

“”The economic impact of citrus greening disease is measured in the billions…” – Link to news item here

Make tomatoes tasty again: Scientists discover ?flavour genes? in the world?s most valuable fruit?- फूड नेविगेटर – By Louis Gore-Langton (जनवरी 27)

Mass produced commercial tomatoes contain increasingly less flavour and return increasingly less consumer satisfaction. A team of researchers has discovered a ?genetic roadmap? for rebreeding tastiness into tomatoes” – Link to news item here

Why microbes are key to solving Africa?s food security?crisisThe ConversationBy Esther Ndumi Ngumbi (जनवरी 30)

Link to news item here

You?d Look Good in Designer Genes – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By Henry I. Miller (जनवरी 31)

Genetic engineering will soon make commercial bluejean production cheaper than ever.” – Link to news item here

New ‘super yieldGM wheat trial gets go-aheadBBCBy Matt McGrath (फ़रवरी 1)

Link to news item here

नीति, नियामक, सक्रियता, अन्य:

Fined for Planting GMO Seeds in a Country That’s a Global Power – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Eduardo Thomson (जनवरी 27)

“साल के लिए, Chile has had a curious double standard when it comes to genetically modified organisms. The country is a global powerhouse in the production of GM seedsbut makes them strictly off-limits to domestic farmers.” -?Link to news item here

Post-Truth ScienceNational ReviewBy Joseph Perrone (जनवरी 25)

Attempts to discredit genetically modified crops and the herbicide glyphosate have no scientific basis.” -?Link to news item here

Was 2016 Really A Good Year For Agricultural Biotechnology? – Forbes.comBy Wayne Parrot and Val Giddings (जनवरी 25)

“…food industry actions continue to complicate and negate the work of communicators, health professionals, journalists and educators. -?Link to news item here?

California gets closer to requiring cancer warning label on Roundup weed killerLos Angles Times / AP (जनवरी 27)

Link to news item here