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New CAST Report Examines Timely Issues of Trade and Biotechnology?
The Impact of Asynchronous Approvals for Biotech Crops on Agricultural Sustainability, व्यापार, and Innovation?
दिसंबर 8, 2016…Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, Ames, आयोवा.
This CAST literature review and report looks at problems caused by the current system of asynchronous approvals for biotech crops. The authors focus on the economic effects in countries that are major global commodity exporters and importers, which show that asynchrony in the global approval of new biotech crops


Transition official: Trump will not rip up NAFTA – पहाड – By Alexander Bolton (दिसम्बर 5)

?I don?t think we?re looking to rip up NAFTA as much as we are looking to right-size it and make it fairerHe said the Trump transition team is battling what he called a media mischaracterization of Trump?s stance on trade as protectionist or isolationist.


Understanding the Trump Trade Agenda – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By Phil Gramm and Michael Solon (दिसम्बर 1)

Returning to the 1950s is impossible. But currency manipulation does hurt American workersA lesson from that history is that if trade policy is to reinforce tax reform and regulatory relief in promoting economic growth, it must become more fair, not less free.


Of interest, the following three items are from the Global Times, an English-language Chinese publicaion :

With US turning inward, China must push for free tradeBy Ei Sun Oh (दिसम्बर 4)


Trump eyes new path to keeping American leadershipBy Jin Canrong (दिसम्बर 4)


China and global leadership in a post-TPP eraBy Stephen S. Roach (दिसम्बर 4)


रूस, चीन, and Japan Fill the Trump Trade GapBloomberg BusinessweekBy Bruce Einhorn (दिसम्बर 1)
As the incoming administration scorns treaties, others move in.
Legislation to Open Cuba Ag Trade ?On Hold? Pending Trump, Conaway SaysBloomberg BNABy Casey Wooten (दिसम्बर 1)


Not at the back of the queue then! Trump’s top officials say they won’t do trade deals with groups of countries in boon for post-Brexit BritainDaily Mail (यूके) – By Tim Schulthorpe (दिसम्बर 1)

संपर्क: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3990064/Not-queue-Trump-s-officials-say-won-t-trade-deals-groups-countries-boon-post-Brexit-Britain.html#ixzz4Rz42w6h9

What is TISA? Could the EU trade deal be the next TTIP? – Express (यूके) – By Alice Foster (दिसम्बर 2)

TISA has stayed under the radar unlike TTIP, the EU?s doomed trade deal with the US. But what is it?”


South Africa to Allow U.S. GM Corn Imports for First Time – ब्लूमबर्ग – द्वारा?Antony Sguazzin and Thembisile Dzonzi (दिसम्बर 6)


Mexico Overtakes Canada as No. 2 यू.एस. Exporter Ahead of Trump – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Greg Quinn and Nacha Cattan (दिसम्बर 6)


एजी, एजी टेक, उत्पादन, संबंधित मुद्दों:

Feed the Soil First, Then Feed the WorldAgWeb.comBy Patrick Heffer, Int’l Fertilizer Association (दिसम्बर 5)

“[टी]aking care of our soil has to become a global priority, especially in the regions where climate change hits hardest and food insecurity is still rife.


‘Climate smartpulses are key to global food security: एफएओ?- Food NavigatorBy Niamh Michail?(दिसम्बर 5)

‘Climate smartpulses are essential to global food security by delivering?high-nutrition protein to people and critical nutrients to soil, said the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (एफएओ) on World Soil?Day.

3D printed meat opportunity analysed by Australia?- GlobalMeatNewsBy Oscar Rousseau?(दिसम्बर 2)

“3D printed meat technology could be the ?next big advancement? for the protein industry, according to a research paper published by Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).”

Are these genetically engineered cows the future of medicine? – The VergeBy Alessandra Potenza (दिसम्बर 3)


Monsanto says next breakthrough for farmers Is a friendly fungusFarm Futures / ब्लूमबर्ग – द्वारा?Lydia Mulvany (दिसम्बर 5)

Monsanto and Novozymes have developed seed coating that boosts corn plants in earliest growth stages.


To Cure Crop Disease Faster, Add BugsMIT Technology ReviewBy Emily Mullin (दिसम्बर 2)

DARPA scientists think they can use insects to deliver genetic changes to crops.


Gene editing yields tomatoes that flower and ripen weeks earlierPhys.org (दिसम्बर 5)


After A Sour Decade, Florida Citrus May Be Near A ComebackNPR, The SaltBy Greg Allen (दिसम्बर 4)


Feds presidents sees upside to genetic modificationStuff (न्यूजीलैंड) – By Pat Deavoll (दिसम्बर 6)


Technology will guide next generation of farmersSouthwest Farm PressBy Ron Smith (दिसम्बर 6)



Three items of interest from Crop Biotech Update, ISAAA on Dec 7:

Brazil Expected to Release GE Sugarcane in 2017

GE Cowpea Seeds to be Available for Nigerian Farmers in 2019

Dept of Agri Anticipates GM Maize Planting Expansion in Vietnam

On ‘GMOs’, The New York Times Violates The Rule Of Holes: When You’re In A Hole, Stop DiggingForbes.comBy Henry I. Miller (दिसम्बर 6)



नियामक, नीति, सक्रियता, संबंधित मुद्दों:

Organic foods lost big in this electionNewsday (न्यूयॉर्क) By Dan Perrin, InsideSources.com (दिसम्बर 1)

Another issue for the organics lobby is whether they will keep their influence with federal regulators. Activists within the government have been suspected of tampering with regulatory findings in ways that have helped pro-organic groups, holding up authorizations and hurting traditional farmers.


Pew Research Center: The GMO debate is hugely polarizing, but the divide ?does not fall along familiar political fault lines??- खाद्य नेविगेटर अमरीका – By Elaine Watson?(दिसम्बर 2)

Think anti-GMO sentiment is primarily the preserve of white college educated liberals? Think again, says Pew Research Center, which has just conducted a consumer survey suggesting that attitudes on GMOs, organics, and other food issues are ?conspicuously not political.””

Group pushes for cancer warning label on processed meat, मुर्गी पालन – feedstuffs – By Krissa Welshans (दिसम्बर 2)

“[Center for Science in the Public Interest] is asking for labels of all meat and poultry products preserved by smoking, curing, salting and/or the addition of chemical preservatives to bear this message: ?USDA WARNING…?


Are GMO producers covering up ?just like? बड़े?Tobacco? – Food Science InstituteBy James Cooper (दिसम्बर 3)

The only evidence we find of mendacity and conspiracy is in Seralini?s and Carman?s papers, which have been found to be wanting of solid, believable science…तथा…?the organic industry is spending upwards of $2 1/2 billion opposing transgenic crops.


Farmers push back against animal welfare laws – ?LaCross Tribune (Wisc) – द्वारा?

?Our nation?s ability to protect its food supply can be threatened by unnecessary regulations driven by activist agendas, often by people who?ve never set foot on farmland or have no idea what it takes to produce a crop


Buy only ?hormone free? मांस? Farmer says don?t be fooled by deceptive labels -?आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना – द्वारा?


Public sector researchers defend science at UN biodiversity meeting in Cancun – विज्ञान के लिए कॉर्नेल एलायंस – By Mark Lynas (दिसम्बर 5)


Oregon teacher: Anti-GMO activist Vandana Shiva talk in Eugene slippery on facts -?आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना – द्वारा?

संपर्क: ?https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2016/12/07/oregon-teacher-anti-gmo-activist-vandana-shiva-talk-eugene-slippery-facts/

Drain The Regulatory Swamp, Let Agriculture BloomForbes.comBy John J. Cohrssen and Henry I. Miller (दिसम्बर 7)