The 11th annual Global Farmer Roundtable took placein Des Moines, Iowa October 10-12, once again during the week of the World Food Prize Symposium. It was once again an exciting week full of activity and learning experiences for everyone.

डॉ. Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes of the University of Missouri moderated the roundtable discussions for the fourth time. Thirteen farmersfive women and eight menwith diverse production backgrounds comprised this year’s invitees, including the countries of Nepal and Rwanda for the first time. That takes the Global Farmer Network to about 150 से किसान 48 देशों.

This marked the first time the roundtable was held after Truth About Trade & Technology re-brandeditselfas Global Farmer Network (GFN) shortly after the year began. The focus of the organization in recent years become more synonymouswith the global farmers who’ve attended the roundtablethey played a larger role in activities and helped the non-profit organization grow in its scope and influence. The organization had become the Global Farmer Network in everything but name, so it was only natural to make that change early in 2016.

2016 Global Farmer Roundtable participants and new members of the Global Farmer Network:

अर्जेंटीना Ms. Maria Beatriz Pilu Giraudo
ब्राज़िल- श्री. Lcio Alamy
कनाडा Mr. Joas Van Oord
भारत Mr. Pavitar Pal Singh Pangli
इंडोनेशिया Ms. Arie Sulistyani
मेक्सिको Ms. जॉर्जीना Gutierrez
नेपाल Mr. विष्णु हरि Poudyal
न्यूजीलैंड Ms. जेन स्मिथ
रवांडा Mr. पियरे Kamere Munyura
स्पेन Mr. फ्रांसिस्को मैनुअल फर्नांडीज Camas
यूनाइटेड किंगडम Mr. जेक Freestone
संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका Mr. रिचर्ड Fordyce
जिम्बाब्वे Ms. सीधे Mashumba


2016 Kleckner पुरस्कार

Argentinian farmerMaria Giraudo was the recipient of the 2016 Kleckner पुरस्कार. A fifth generation farmer, Giraudo and her family adopted no-till agriculture more than three decades ago and now over ninety percent of her country’s farmland uses the practice. She is the tenth recipient of the award first given in 2007 and received the honor at an event the evening of October 11.

Read more about Maria Giraudo and the other Klecker Award recipientsयहाँ.

Media coverage from the week’s activity:

  • Food Heroes Celebrated at World Food PrizeCelebrating 30 Years of Impact: Farmers and the World Food Prize Laureates Who Changed Their Lives – सीधे Mashumba (GFN, जिम्बाब्वे) and PPS Pangli (GFN, भारत) पर अक्टूबर 12 panel with WFP Laureates Prof. MS Swaminathan and Dr. Howard Bouis that was moderated by Julie Borlaug.
  • Farm FuturesNo-till farmer from Argentina wins Kleckner Award अक्टूबर 11 on Maria Giraudo (2016 Kleckner पुरस्कार, अर्जेंटीना).
  • Brownfield Ag News Farming Challenges Differ Around the Globe अक्टूबर 11 includes audio/radio interviews.
  • AGWEB, Farm JournalArgentine farmer fights for no till agriculture, wins Kleckner Award अक्टूबर 12.
  • Rural Radio Networkअक्टूबर 12 interview with Mary Boote about the Global Farmer Network.
  • WHO Radio, डेस मोइनेस – जेक Freestone (GFN, यूके) and Richard Fordyce (GFN, मिसौरी) guests अक्टूबर 13 on The Big Show.
  • MU Earth (Univ. मिसौरी) – multiple articles including Coffee fuels farmer and community growth on Pierre Munyura (GFN, रवांडा), Zimbabwe farmer empowers female farmers to scale up and work together on Ruramiso Mashumba (GFN, जिम्बाब्वे).
  • AGWEB, Farm JournalA Farewell to Farms: Why Some Youth Dont Consider a Future in Farming अक्टूबर 14.
  • Iowa Agribusiness Radio NetworkFarming without help from government अक्टूबर 15 quotes Jane Smith (GFN, न्यूजीलैंड).
  • Campo (अर्जेंटीना) – Pilu Giraudo, premiada en Des Moines अक्टूबर 16.
  • Brownfield Ag NewsMissouri Agriculture Update with Director Fordyce अक्टूबर 20 with Richard Fordyce (GFN, मिसौरी); discussion of GFR starts off radio interview.
  • High Plains / Midwest Ag JournalFarming is a tough job all around the world quotes numerous GFR folks अक्टूबर 25.
  • Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network Post Brexit, UK short term profitability is good; long term is uncertain अक्टूबर 31 quotes Jake Freestone (GFN, यूके) – Listen here.
  • Otago Daily Times (न्यूजीलैंड) – Global Farmer Network amazingअक्टूबर 31 on Jane Smith participation.


Looking for a speaker to be on a panel or to talk at your event? Check out theकिसान webpage. You can follow Global Farmer Network on Twitter@World_Farmers where members regularly rotate posts from their farms around the world.