एजी जैव प्रौद्योगिकी से संबंधित समाचार आइटम, व्यापार ? और शायद कृषि से जुड़ी कुछ अन्य दिलचस्प चीजें ? सप्ताह भर इस पृष्ठ पर पोस्ट किया जाएगा (as the week progresses newly added items will be in?हरा वर्गों के तल पर). ?Be sure to check in regularly!



Poll: Most Americans say that globalization is a positive and that free trade improves their livesWashington PostBy Adam Taylor (घराना 7)


East Africa: EAC Heads Put Off EPA Signing for Three MonthsallAfrica.com / Tanzania Daily NewsBy Katare Mbashiru (घराना 9)


Merkel speaks out in favor of keeping TTIP negotiations goingDeutsch Welle (घराना 9)

Chancellor Merkel said the EU should continue negotiations with the United States on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). But doubts about the trade deal and resisitance against it are growing.


Failure of TPP would damage US credibilityGlobal Times (चीन) -?By Robert A. Manning (घराना 11)


चीन?s BRICS trade pact idea finds no takersThe Hindu (भारत) – By Arun S. (घराना 10)


Foreign Minister Alan Duncan meets Argentine President for trade deal talksThe Telegraph (यूके) – By Laura Hughes (घराना 11)


TPP free trade signatories agree not to renegotiateBangkok Post (थाईलैंड) / क्योदो (जापान) – (घराना 12)


Trans-Pacific Partnership would give $4.3B boost to economy, federal study saysWinnipeg Free Press / The Canadian Press (घराना 9)


?If beef is not included?, there won’t be no Mercosur-EU trade agreement, warns Uruguay – MercoPress (घराना 13)

“?If beef is not included, there won’t be any agreement?, said Uruguay’s foreign minister Rodolfo Nin Novoa in anticipation of next week’s meeting of European Union and Mercosur coordinators to adjust the list of goods and services the two blocks will formally exchange in mid October, the first formal meeting of its kind in fourteen years.


Obama Makes Last-Ditch Push for Vote on Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By William Mauldin (घराना 13)

Administration enlists business leaders in effort to win Republican support for a vote in ?lame duck? session


यू.एस. Announces Trade Case Against China Over Agriculture Products – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By William Mauldin (घराना 13)

Officials say China?s support for wheat, rice and corn growers has?hurt U.S. किसानों”


US dairy groups gain international support to call out Canada?s dairy trade restrictions?- Dairy Reporter -?By Mary Ellen Shoup?(घराना 13)

Dairy organizations in the US, ऑस्ट्रेलिया, यूरोपीय संघ, मेक्सिको, and New Zealand issued a joint letter to their respective trade and agriculture officials, expressingindignationabout Canada’s recent actions to deepen its restrictions on dairy trade.

A plea for science-based standards in TTIPEurActiv.comBy Barry Carpenter (घराना 13)

The EU?s preference for the ?precautionary principle? over science-based decision-making is a barrier to transatlantic trade in the meat industry. TTIP and regulatory convergence would benefit both EU and US farmers…”


A Vote Against Trade Is a Vote Against Growth – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By John R. Kasich (घराना 15)

China and Russia want the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. क्यों? It will make us stronger.


बायोटेक, एजी टेक, CROP PROTECTION, FOOD SECURITY, आदि:

अफ्रीका: Finding the Sweet Spot of Africa’s Agriculture – allAfrica – Guest Column by Maria Andrade (Sep 8)


Could Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Save Hawaii’s Endangered Birds? – The New YorkerBy Michael Specter (घराना 9)


Africa Urged to Invest to Ensure Food SecurityThe East AfricanBy Allan Olingo (घराना 10)

Africa will require more than $400 billion in the next decade to be food secure, a feat it will have to work hard to achieve.


Nod on GM cotton field trials shifts focus to release of biotech maize – डेली नेशन (केन्या) – By Gerald Andae (घराना 12)


One Year After, the Beating Continues -?Illumination blogBy Kevin Folta (घराना 10)

If you can’t argue the evidence, smear the scientist.


Puzzle: What’s Gene Edited To Be Drought Resistant But Not A GMO? मक्का – विज्ञान 2.0 -?By Hank Campbell?(घराना 9)

Will environmental groups give up their war on science when the science is CRISPR and not a GMO? If you like to tofollow the money”, look at the $1,000,000,000 in annual revenue and you will know the answer.


Rex Animal Health is using genomics to keep livestock healthyTechCrunchBy Lora Kolodny (घराना 13)


Big Food’s biggest trend? Crusading against Big FoodThe Denver PostBy Candice Choi, Associated Press (घराना 12)

But some are positioning themselves as advocates for change before accomplishing some health goals, and skeptics say even well-intentioned marketing can be a disingenuous way to help people rationalize overeating.


The Organic Gatorade Illusion – अटलांटिक – By James Hamblin (घराना 12)

A new ?sports drink? stands to further confuse health-conscious consumers into buying sugar water.


Making Africa?s women and youth drive agriculture – SciDevNet – By Sam Otieno (घराना 9)

That Science, technology and innovation (STI) could help transform Africa?s agriculture is well appreciated by many people who have an interest in the continent?s sustainable development.


Smarter Farming Could Cut Hunger in Drought-Hit Southern AfricaResearchers – रायटर – By Busani Bafana (घराना 15)


नीति, नियामक, INDUSTRY NEWS, आदि:

Make AmericaPlate” फिर – National ReviewBy Julie Kelly (घराना 7)

Despite the foodies? lament about a broken food system, अमेरिका. has the most affordable, accessible, and abundant food system in the world.


Sanderson Farms: judicious antibiotic use improves sustainability, animal welfareFeed Navigator -?By Aerin Einstein-Curtis (घराना 8)

Feeding antibiotics selectively allows producers to be more sustainable and responsive to animal welfare, says Sanderson Farms.

USDA seeks public comments on GMO labeling regulations – feedstuffs (घराना 8)


More than half of pesticides used by California farmers are active ingredients approved for organic -? आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना – ?द्वारा?

Would it surprise you to know that many of the same pesticides are used by both conventional and organic farmers?”


Court Rules EPA Violated Farmer PrivacyAgWiredBy Cindy Zimmerman (घराना 12)

?ईपीए?s release of sensitive, private and personal materials on more than 100,000 farmers and ranchers was an outrageous abuse of its power and trust


Hostility Towards Agri-Biotech MNCs, But What About Our Faults? – The QuintBy Vivan Fernandes (घराना 10)


Bayer Said Close to Monsanto Tie-Up With Deal Seen Next Week – ब्लूमबर्ग – By Aaron Kirchfeld, Naomi Kresge (घराना 9)

Negotiations over $56 billion seed, pesticide deal progressing


Potash Corp, Agrium to merge to create $36 billion companyYahoo! Finance / रायटर (घराना 12)


As the Pool of Agribusiness Giants Shrinks, Will Innovation Follow? – Stratfor, Analysis (घराना 8)

“[मैं]nnovation in traditional sectors will continuethe long-term effects of the industry’s big mergers may not all be bad


EU Antitrust Regulator Suspends Dow-DuPont Merger Review – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By Natalia Drozdia (घराना 9)

The suspension will probably delay the EU?s investigation, throwing a wrench into the companies? previous plans to close the transaction before the end of the year.


Bayer signs deal worth close to $66 billion to buy MonsantoMSN / रायटर – By Greg Roumeliotis and Ludwig Burger (घराना 14)

Bayer’s move to combine its crop chemicals business, the world’s second largest after Syngenta AG, with Monsanto’s industry leading seeds business, is the latest in a series of major tie-ups in the agrochemicals sector.


राय: Removing regulatory obstacles in agricultureAgri-PulseBy Daren Bakst (घराना 15)

Through what seems like an endless number of regulatory obstacles, the federal government is making agricultural production extremely difficult for farmers.


Canadian canola set to continue flow to China as regulatory change halted?- FeedNavigator -?By Aerin Einstein-Curtis (घराना 13)

Canadian canola can continue to be exported to China after a move to more stringent import regulations was delayed, says a Canola Council of Canada member.

Bayer Buys In to Monsanto?s Vision of High-Tech AgricultureMIT Technology Review -?द्वारा?Antonio Regalado?(घराना 15)

Will the proposed deal help feed the world, or will it just cut investment in farm R&डी?”