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*ध्यान दें – last week’s GFN column by board member Terry Wanzek appeard in the Sunday edition ?(अगस्त 28) का Minneapolis Star Tribune, How using technology makes our family farm better.


China re-imposes anti-dumping duties on US chicken?- GlobalMeatNews.com -?By Mark Godfrey (अगस्त 24)

US white-feather chicken meat imported into China will face ?anti-subsidy duties? for five more years, चीन?s ministry of commerce has announced. ”

Adam Smith Takes on Critics of Free TradeBarron’sBy Gene Epstein (अगस्त 27)

Clinton and Trump are wrong on free trade, as Adam Smith so clearly explained 240 years ago.


Obama’s TPP deal won’t get Senate vote this year: McConnell – रायटर – By David Lawder (अगस्त 25)


Germany’s economy minister: U.S.-EU free trade talks have failed – रायटर (अगस्त 28)


Is the U.S. Missing the TPP Train? – Bloomberg BusinessweekBy Bruce Einhorn (अगस्त 25)

With congressional approval uncertain, Pacific nations consider a China option.


EU insists ‘ball still rollingon US trade deal -?AFP?(

The European Commission on Monday insisted talks on a huge US free trade deal were on track, rejecting German claims that irreconcilable differences had left the deal dead in the water.


White House says it sees a path to approval of Pacific trade deal – रायटर (अगस्त 29)


Canadian support for China free-trade deal growing: pollThe Globe And Mail (कनाडा) – By Sunny Dhillon (अगस्त 29)


TTIP in further doubt as Hollande questions timingBBC News (अगस्त 30)


Why Can’t We See That We’re Living In a Golden Age? – RealClearMarkets -?द्वारा Johan Norberg?(अगस्त 23)


Pro-trade Democrats call Labor?s bluff – राजनीतिक चालबाज़ी करनेवाला मनुष्य – By Edward-Isaac Dovere (अगस्त 31)

Dem lawmakers who gave Obama fast-track sail through labor-challenged primaries.

संपर्क: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/pro-trade-democrats-call-labors-bluff-227566#ixzz4J7egZ0eu

US Says It Wants to Complete European Trade Deal by Year’s EndVoice of America (अगस्त 30)



A plant breeder takes the ‘mysteryout of GMO crops -?दक्षिणपूर्व फार्म प्रेस -?द्वारा?Wayne Parrott, University of Georgia (अगस्त 25)

In the era of genome sequencing, we find that nature is the most prolific gene splicer of all. Although the DNA changes made by gene splicing resemble those made by nature, GMOs are set aside for safety testing.


China seeks to assuage consumer fears over GMO foods – रायटर – By Dominique Patton (अगस्त 25)


Americans love genetically modified mosquitoes much more than other GMOs – पीसने के लिये अन्न -??(

नियामक, नीति, ACTIVISTS, आदि:

यू.एस. Approval of Syngenta Deal Brings GMO Food a Step Closer to ChinaTIMEBy Charlie Campbell (अगस्त 23)


बायर, Monsanto said to be moving closer to a merger dealSt Louis Post-Dispatch (अगस्त 23)


Monsanto Shelves Plans for New GMO Cotton Seeds in India – वॉल स्ट्रीट जर्नल – By Biman Mukherji (अगस्त 25)

Decision casts a cloud over the future of genetically modified organisms in India


Fsanz calls for opinions on GM potato that produces less acrylamide?- Food Navigator Asia -?By RJ Whitehead (अगस्त 25)

The antipodean food regulator has begun public consultation as it reviews whether to allow a potato that has been genetically modified to reduce bruising.

Size Doesn?t Matter: How little NGOs pretend to represent the peopleRiskMonger (अगस्त 21)

NGOs have been successful over the last decade of presenting small groups as parts of big networks, pretending to speak on behalf of the ?लोग? when in reality they are only a couple reactionaries in a room with a laptop and a web-designer, accountable to no one and driven by a self-centred emotional zeal.


Fake Food Group: The Center for Food SafetyHawaiiFarmersDaughter (अगस्त 20)

Hawaii has been experiencing a hepatitis A outbreak…?Since June, there has been no peep from the Hawaii Center for Food Safety or its parent group, the Center for Food Safety, warning the public of this at all…”


The GMO Labeling Fight Is Not Industry Versus ConsumersForbes.comBy Steve Ansolabahere and Jacob E. Gersen (अगस्त 26)

But it is a mistake to think the labeling fight is about the food industry versus consumers. In reality, it is about one segment of the food industry versus another. Companies that have sourced non-GE materials stand to profit from a rigorous labeling regime; those who have not stand to lose.


Crusade Or Charade: What’s Really Motivating Efforts To Mandate GMO-Labeling? – Forbes.comBy Glenn G. Lammi (अगस्त 25)

Because ?public-interest? groups cloak themselves with the feel-good mantle of protecting consumers, the environment, जानवरों, etc., the motives of such groups rarely get questioned. But several recent developments show that all too often, activists put their own self-interest before the public?s interest.


In a fight between environmentalists and farmers, the bees lose. And that stings. – Washington PostBy Tamar Haspel (अगस्त 26)


Growing monstrous organisms: the construction of anti-GMO visual rhetoric through digital media -?Critical Studies in Media Communication,?Volume 33, 2016 – Issue 3 – By Kelly A. Clancy & Benjamin Clancy (Published online: 27 जून 2016)


Counterview: In GMO debate, Vandana Shiva has chosen fear-mongering and denialismScroll.in (भारत) – द्वारा?Girish Shahane?(अगस्त 25)

A rebuttal of the claims the activist made in a recent Scroll article.


The Buzz: Six Reasons Not To Worry About The BeesForbes.comBy Henry I. Miller (अगस्त 24)

The truth about the bees turns out to be far more complex, and far more interesting, than the alarmist headlines suggest.


Bt Brinjal ? Destroying the Anti-GMO NarrativeNeurologica blogBy Steven Novella (घराना 1)


The real story of anti-GMO teen sensation Rachel Parent: Idealist or pawn of ?natural? marketers? -?आनुवंशिक साक्षरता परियोजना -?

Expos?–Teen anti-GMO activist Rachel Parent supports mandatory GMO labeling but never discloses her family runs a multimillion dollar ‘naturalproducts business that benefits from her advocacy.